Trask Avenue Sober Living For Men

Trask Avenue Sober Living For Men encourages residents to foster a sense of brotherhood in the community. All of the residents here are men, and all are committed to getting well and staying on the path to recovery.

As alcoholics and addicts, we often isolate ourselves from others. With that in mind, each of Casa Nuevo Vida’s homes are designed to foster relationship building skills. This allows residents to rely on each other for support while adapting a new lifestyle for recovery. This new lifestyle focuses on spiritual development, physical health, and interpersonal relationship skills.

Casa Nuevo Vida is dedicated to helping men adhere to sober living principles by providing a safe and nurturing environment. We are supportive of residents’ healing, spiritual growth, and personal goals.

Our recovery homes are designed to support recovery efforts and reinforce important lessons learned while in treatment.

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Here are other distinctive features that make Casa Nuevo Vida sober homes unique:

  • We help our residents enhance their social skills. We believe that changing a person starts from deep within himself, so we help them change by creating healthy relationships with others. We make sure that we guide them in every step they take.
  • Understanding, patience and capacity to redirect every resident’s lives are among the strongest points our personnel who help manage these homes want to highlight. The members of our staff are certified providers of these virtues.
  • Safety, security and confidentiality are among the concerns of families who want to bring in their recovering members for the purpose of transition from residential inpatient to transitional living.
  • Expect top-notch accommodation – from the house amenities, recreational activities and served meals, we only offer the best.

Trask Beach House for men is in walking distance from Playa del Rey’s beautiful sandy beaches and Marina del Rey’s sparkling harbor. Being next to the beach and marina provides residents with a myriad of activities to both enjoy and relax.

For more information on sober homes for men, feel free to browse our site.

Scheduled Activities


Our rehabilitation programs incorporate fitness because we believe that a healthy body and mind are definitive instruments in creating a better life. Being emotionally and physically fit makes up a better individual. Our fitness experts know how to deal with every bodily issue. Weekly yoga and pilates , kickboxing, strength and core training provide our clients with necessary outlets for healthy behaviors.


Meetings and group therapy inspire residents to live in sobriety. The quality of life in our community is easier and progressive as total understanding of the goals are injected in the minds of residents. Meetings are held on a regular basis, which we use to gauge every individual’s progress.


Not everything here is about is assessment and serious counseling. Fun is also there whenever there is a need for a change of venue or respite. Scheduled movie nights, bowling or other sports events are enjoyed by residents with other house members. Fun and exciting activities and events such as shared parties with our other locations, barbeque nights, harbor cruises on our boat in Marina del Rey and fishing trips are also held on a monthly basis. Who says you can’t have fun while getting sober?

For more information on sober homes for men, feel free to browse our site.  

7145 Trask Avenue
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

Tel: (888) 390-6229

House Amenities:

Private Entrances

All suites have their own private entrance. No messy stuffs like accidentally bumping on each other while trying to get inside

Plasma TV Installed In Each Bedroom

Get a hold of your favorite TV show or never miss the news broadcast during the stay. Entertainment options are widely available inside the bedrooms as well as behind its walls.

Playstation And Wifi Consoles Are Available

Divert your attention to gadgets during leisure time. Wifi access can be granted at designated periods of the day.

Large Dining Room

The dining room is a great place to get together, share meals and support.

Meal Options

There are choices of meals that can whet your appetite. Choose from Kosher, vegetarian/vegan diet meal; gluten-free, gourmet or a home-style meal. You can state your preference upon enrollment.

Round The Clock Support

House managers live within this community. They render constant help and assistance to residents at any time of the day. It is the mission of Casa Nuevo Vida to look after their house guests in every possible way to ensure progress towards recovery.