Casa Nuevo Vida Sober Living

At our Casa Nuevo Vida sober living homes, activities are scheduled and everything goes down from the topmost important to the least. House personnel see to it that each agenda is taken note of and that application of available solutions is downright implemented.

Casa Nuevo Vida is one that makes sure all things essential for recovery is provided and patients are dealt with according to their unique issues. Its chain of sober homes is living example of transitory venues providing that elusive change in a former addict’s life.

What Do Our Casa Nuevo Vida Sober Living Houses Provide?

  • Self-Reflection: Thinking about your present predicament wouldn’t help. You can always deal with the issues one after the other. You’ll notice that by going easy on your situation can make way for an easier way out. Group meetings and counseling can cause the mind to gradually detour from where it normally treads. You are, thereby, given a chance to try some fresh suggestions that can alter your perception in life.
  • Time: Experts can facilitate in managing your schedule to accommodate all the things that have to be done within the day. Of course, while you may have your own list, the staffs have other things in mind but be assured that what they have prepared would work best for you.
  • Anger: This is simple word means a lot of things with respect to your goal. Once this is felt all throughout the day, you wouldn’t come out clean. This negative feeling leads you to dwell on aspects that could hamper fast recovery. Certified people with huge background on mental health and psychology can provide you with effective solutions to eradicate this emotion.
  • Diet: Meals are arranged with the staff so your desired menu stays there on your plate. Menus range from kosher, gluten-free; vegetable or vegan diets. If you have no medical issue whatsoever, then, you may opt for gourmet dining. In-house nutritionists may make changes at times as balanced diet is required for the patients’ early convalescence.
  • Exercise: Fitness is among the most favored diversion for the mind and body. A strong and fit person is able to think and act the right way. Good judgment is not an impossible thing once the body acts in accordance with the person’s thoughts.

Exercise areas, relaxation and recreation corners, and gurus are all found in sober living homes. There are definitely more benefits of sober living that assist those recuperating from a certain type of substance dependence easier. What you have to leave behind Things that caused your addiction are not worthy to take along with you on your chosen path. Below are some techniques that you can use:

  • Moving on needs you to throw out even the slightest thought of the substance. Let positive thinking rule your mind.
  • Recovery starts in a different kind of community—an environment that can re-create a new kind of life for you.
  • Stay away from your friends who have been responsible for what you have gotten into. These friends will never provide you the liberty of being free from the substance’s claws.
  • Avoid getting near places that can pull you back to addiction. Look for other sites that have a more relaxing atmosphere to give way to fresh and productive ideas.
  • Eat healthy foods. Curbing cravings for the substance by means of eating excessively and randomly makes way for obesity.

Where To Start?

Where to start the change Change must come from within the person. But aside from this, help extended by people in the know is quite an advantage. Debriefing an individual of his past experiences is needed to get an insight of what he has gone through. Treatment can start immediately right after a patient’s history is known. There are various types of therapeutic processes used by professionals that play a part in resurrecting an individual’s persona. This may involve stress debriefing which accounts for most part of post-rehab treatments. Nevertheless, a person who undergoes this stage must be open to all suggestions.

Nothing works faster and better than an open mind. Realigning your life Realigning yourself with what is expected in a society is easy once you have gone through a serious reconditioning of your entire body system. Inside these homes, you will be able to define what you want to do next and from there you can set your goals. What you have learned can always be applied to real life and can prepare you on your journey back home. Always be reminded that goals need not be larger than life otherwise you’d end up back to square one. Aim right, end up right Start aiming for smaller goals but if you can arrive at better results, then, that is a plus. Expectations run high once you aim high. Sometimes people will look at you in contempt if you are not well prepared to tackle an overwhelming goal and this is what you have to avoid experiencing. Here’s what you can do:

  • Set your eyes on long term recovery as your main target
  • Create sub-targets to enable you to go easily to the next step
  • Make a timeframe to see if you are making progress
  • Resist the evil urge that tries to take control of yourself
  • Divert your attention towards productive and healthy activities

How Can Sober Living Help?

Beyond abstaining from alcohol and addictive substances, sober living involves employing strategies for maintaining sobriety.During treatmentat a Casa Nuevo Vida Sober living home, you may have learned spiritual practices or coping skills that have helped you get through the early phases of recovery. You can develop those practices and skills within a sober living environment so that in time, they become second nature to you. Exactly why a sober living home is ideal for recovering addicts and alcoholics has to do with its setup. Recovery homes are exclusively for recovering addicts and alcoholics, who share the same goal of lifelong sobriety. This network of support thrives on making sobriety a group effort instead of putting it all on the individual. You should consider staying at a sober living home if you are really serious about maintaining sobriety, as there are dangers out there that await those who are transitioning from a safe environment (treatment facility) to the real world. Sober living homes make that transition seamless by providing an environment that nurtures healthy habits and normal coping mechanisms.

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