Fun In Recovery

Are you ready for a new beginning? At every Casa Nuevo Vida sober home, we support fun in recovery that provides each of our residents with a positive insight on how great sober living can be. Each of our sober homes provide residents with activities and adventures that help them sustain and increase active and healthy lifestyle choices.

After all the steps our residents have taken to get sober, it is now time to celebrate full recovery! It is important to know that celebrating your success, does not mean it is time to partake in substances you abused in the past – but to find new and sober ways to have fun in recovery.

Our team at Casa Nuevo Vida provides safe, fun and sober experiences that our residents can enjoy. We provide them opportunities to work on and build relationships with their peers and regain trust and build stronger relationships with friends and family members.

These are the times where our residents will begin to realize that everything they have worked for has paid off, and that all those hardships and challenges were obstacles that needed to be overcome before beginning a new amazing sober life. After everything, it’s now time to go back to your family and friends. Enjoy the life that you should have and never to go back to the person you were before sobriety!