Los Angeles Sober Living

We offer many levels of customized care in our facilities. We believe in creating a healthy atmosphere where those who are in the grip of alcohol and drug dependency will be cared for, knowing that we will help them the best we can—not just for 30 days—but for as long we are needed.

Our facilities provide a relaxed, clean and comfortable environment for recovery. It is your home away from home—where your families can come and accompany you throughout your journey away from chemical dependency.

We believe that our programs here at Casa Nuevo Vida have the highest quality, integrity and success.

Beach House Sober Living At Playa Del Rey

Beach House Playa

Casa Nuevo Vida Play Del Rey is an upscale, gender-specific sober living for men just minutes away from downtown LA. Our staff of recovery professionals fully understands the needs of recovering patients. This sober living home is a few minutes from the beach and access to bike paths and beach recreation.

Women’s Sober Living Cheviot Hills

Cheviot Hills Home for Men

Casa Nuevo Vida offers the Anchor House for a clean and comfortable women’s sober living option in Cheviot Hills. This property is an exclusive home for women in recovery from addiction. Located in the upscale neighborhood of West Los Angeles this home is close to shops, dining establishments, gyms and offers a serene environment within the the home and throughout the property.

Sober Living for Women Anchor West LA

Casa Nuevo Vida sober living homes for women provides a safe and nurturing community that guides residents down their individual paths to sobriety. All residents are females united in their commitment to a new life.


We make sober living feel like you're at home.

Otherwise, you won’t be looking for a sober living home right now. Many people realize that living in a sober home is not only helpful, but often necessary for them especially during the earlier stages of their recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism. This is why we provide a clean, safe, supportive and fun environment for all individuals who are not quite ready to live a completely sober life.


We Provide You the Keys to a New Life

If you are looking for an environment that will help you sustain an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle, look no further than the Casa Nuevo Vida recovery homes. Casa Nuevo Vida provides a warm home geared towards promoting a healthy and happy living. An elegantly designed and luxuriously decorated environment, Casa Nuevo Vida is not just a structure with beds and meals—it is much, much more! Our name, Casa Nuevo Vida, which stands for “House of New Life”, should give you an insight on what our services provide. We offer a new and original approach to sobriety – a hybrid of “treatment” for sober living.


We Treat Every Resident Equally

Whether you are 16 or 61, we treat each resident with respect, and everyone is treated equally. We believe that a peaceful environment is the key to making life-long friends who help them in their path to recovery. While we are proud of our programs, it is ultimately our residents who find the courage to overcome their fears and live a sober life with the help of our community.


We Lead by Example

We believe that leading by example is the best way to help our residents. We understand that it is our duty to guide our residents towards a clean, healthy and sober path. We lead by example according to our principles of honesty, faith, integrity, willingness, humility, perseverance, spirituality, love and service. Our staff is trained to provide a positive example. As many of us have experienced transitional living ourselves, we attest to the benefits of a sober life and we are always ready to listen and give advice.


We Instill Responsibility in Our Residents While Maintaining a Sense of Freedom

We employ an effective system of accountability in our homes. We instill responsibility in our residents while maintaining freedom for each individual. Every resident is responsible for their actions, but we make sure that rules are followed and the rights of every person are respected. We are proud to say that this system that we have result in the growth of the people who live in our homes.


We Believe that the Recovery Process Should be FUN and Does not Have to be Stressful!

Here at Casa Nuevo Vida, we make sure that our residents have fun while they try to recover from addiction. We believe that having fun is MORE FUN when you are clean and sober. Clean, sober living is what we strive for. We promise that it will not be a boring experience. Instead, we will work with you and your family through exciting and rewarding stages of substance recovery. Our individualized and comprehensive treatments increase a resident’s ability to recover more quickly.


Our Staff is Available 24/7!

We have staff on-site 24/7 who are always available to help our residents all throughout the recovery process. We also have an open door policy for loved ones and family members. Parents and siblings are welcome and we are always happy to show them what we do to help our residents go through the recovery process.

Call us today and we will be more than happy to discuss with you your options for sober recovery:

Toll Free: 888-390-6229 | Local: 310-592-0139

Services & Amenities

From accommodations to cuisine, we offer the best of all amenities. Each room has its own bath. Common rooms are elegantly furnished, catering to even the most “reclusive” men and women. We provide Plasma TVs, gym equipment, ping pong tables, plus an outdoor professional half-court for playing basketball, volleyball or hockey.

In two of our locations, we have a beautiful pool and spa setting as well. All meals are provided by our house chef. Each night, Chef Adam inspires us with his latest “culinary delight.” Chef Adam can prepare any variety of meals including vegetarian, vegan, kosher, non-dairy and gluten-free if requested.

“We cater to vegetarians, vegans, kosher, gluten-free and all lifestyle dining choices.”

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What our clients say

I lived at Casa Nuevo Vida's Women's House for roughly 6 months. My stay there was exactly what I needed to get back on my feet. The Anchor house had structure, accountability, and women working towards the same goals I had set for myself. The staff at Anchor was beyond amazing. They were always available to help me with step work, relationship issues or just daily struggles life throws at us. Casa Nuevo Vida Sober Living was a huge part of my sobriety and still is.

Makenna K.

Nolan went to you a little over 2-1/2 years ago. He is doing so well! He is taking 12 units at Saddleback Jr college. He attends Saddleback Church San Clemente, and just starting volunteering there with the youth pastor. This is huge, because he previously had so much anxiety around people. Besides quitting drugs, he has also quit drinking and smoking cigarettes. He goes to the gym regularly, and eats very healthy. He has taken up hiking and archery. He has had some mental bumps in the road, but has stayed committed. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! I'm sure Nolan would not be alive today without your help.

Judy G.

Casa Nueva Vida is a house that I feel safe and supported as I focus on my recovery. The house Managers go above and beyond to meet the needs of each client.  I am truly thankful to live at Casa Nueva Vida!

Brittin T.

My stay at Casa Nuevo Vida has been instrumental to my recovery process. There is strong accountability, which is something I needed in early recovery. You are mandated to attend a meeting a day, which is the accountability that I needed early on. Now, I enjoy attending my regular meetings. It has also has given me the opportunity to prepare for a successful life outside of recovery. I have been given the opportunity to obtain a full-time job.

The owners and managers have also let me do extracurricular activities, which has allowed me to dive into the fellowship of AA. The house managers have always been there to help anytime I needed advice, or if I just needed someone to talk to when going through a hard time. The house that I currently live in, the Playa Beach House, is nice, very clean and there is always food. We have the best dog—his name is Charles in Charge—super loving and fun to play with. The house is close to the beach at Playa del Rey, so when I’m not working I like to go to the beach and just relax. They have also allowed me to pick speakers for the house meetings, which has allowed me to become more involved in AA.

I have gained long-term relationships with not only the guys I live with, but with solid guys who work for Casa who are serious about the program. That is key to me staying sober. I have found that as long as I am doing what I'm required to do—attending my meetings, I.O.P. , and staying clean—David and Janel allow me to enjoy life, and for that I am grateful.

Tyler R.

My experience at Casa Nuevo Vida has been very different than what I expected coming into a transitional sober living home. This place has become a home to me, and thanks to David, his staff and the rest of the community, I feel very comfortable and I love it here.

This is the perfect place to learn to transition to a new life. You are treated like an adult and have freedom. The staff is very understanding and always there to help, being in recovery themselves. I have had nothing short of a great experience living here so far. Casa is helping me get my life back and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to stay here.

Dan M.

I'm truly blessed to have discovered Casa Nuevo Vida in my journey through recovery. The owners David and Janel have worked hard to create a safe and healing group of homes with a kind and considerate staff who keep us all accountable and on track. They stress the importance of daily meetings and group events like dinners and beach outings, and they understand the value of the AA fellowship.

The houses not only attend daily meetings together but the importance of being of service and taking commitments is stressed as well. From my understanding, Casa is of a more serious level of care than many other sober living environments. For instance, we travel monthly to the midnight mission downtown to feed the homeless. We also all have daily chores and are put on restriction if they are neglected. There are also group events that align to the "fun in recovery" theme of course, but overall Casa Nuevo Vida is a recovery environment where the skills crucial to long term sobriety are treated with the respect and life-saving importance it demands. There is no place I'd rather have lived while in early recovery and will be forever grateful for the experience and amazing new relationships.

Brian T.

Today is my 100 days of sobriety, and I could not have achieved this milestone without you and your team’s support. I am very grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to be part of this family. I am going to miss all of you very dearly, but I’m also very well prepared to face life on life's terms due to the discipline, support and love that was showered on me.

During my stay at Casa Nuevo Vida the management staff and fellow residents were an excellent support network that I was able to lean on and it was very mutually benefitting for our recovery. We had a lot of fun while preparing ourselves for the real world, and you helped me transition from sober living to the real world.

During my stay I learned to lead a balanced lifestyle with priority on my recovery and also manage my time with meetings, service, work and play. I now belong to the Pacific Group, which is my home group and I have commitments on Wednesday and Saturday. I am learning to surf, and I enjoy biking by the ocean, taking our house dog on walks and practicing yoga and meditation.

It is because of your dedication to help the residents live a meaningful and fulfilled life that this was possible. Your service is greatly appreciated and you have changed my life. I could have lost my life, my loved ones and my career to this disease, but with all your support I now am on the path to leading a healthy, happy and meaningful life.

Thank you again for all your encouragement to help me lead a fulfilled life. I am forever grateful to you.

B. P.

Casa Nuevo Vida was my sober living house after rehab. Being 29 days sober, scared, and having to figure out a completely new life, Casa became my home and family. They were completely non-judgmental of my gayness and would let me find my peer group and my own meetings. I became fast friends with many of my fellows at Casa, and I was even able to help one of my friends from the past get into Casa and out of a bad situation. All the Casa houses feel like homes, not hotel rooms as I have seen other places, and the chef does come up with some pretty good dinners, and there is always more than enough. Overall, I would recommend Casa Nuevo Vida to anyone who needs transitional housing and is serious about being sober.

John H.

My son is a recovering drug addict, alcoholic and has been clean and sober while living at Casa Nuevo Vida for six months, after he was released from detox. The help he has received there is priceless. For the first time in many years he is living a happy, sober life. There is extreme care and attention given to each individual living at Casa Nuevo Vida. The atmosphere is one of belonging to a family. David looks after each individual as would a good parent. The home is very comfortable and the food, prepared by Chef David is excellent. I have nothing but the best to say about Casa Nuevo Vida and thank whatever powers may be that my son has had the opportunity to partake in their sober living program."

David’s continuous demonstration of his hands-on involvement in our son’s success in sobriety and making positive lifestyle changes is sincere and genuine. He is all about investing himself in the process. My son did not arrive in great shape… David’s support of him, (and us as his parents..me especially) has been truly life-changing. I am so grateful to him for his kindness, friendship, caring supervision and sensible guidelines that have helped our son recognize and make good choices in his daily life.

Our son is doing great, and on a path that is the right one. We are so proud of the positive changes we have seen in our son these past couple of months and his future looks bright. My husband and I needed to move out of the area as had been planned for quite some time, and we were able to move on with our plans with the comfort of knowing our son was in the “right” living environment and was going to better than “fine” at Casa Nuevo Vida. Any parent who has been through what we have been through, understands the gravity of such words. I mean this from my heart; whether you are young, old, single or married, I have seen what David Marvin does.. and how he and others interact in his home. What he has done for our son…I say to myself, “amazing.”

PJ and Mindy

Casa Nuevo Vida is what real sober livings should aspire to be! I spent approximately 9 months in this house and unlike other sober livings where one is treated like a client, at Casa Nuevo Vida I was treated like family. The men at Casa Nuevo Vida became my family. We were a group of men that were lost, wondering aimlessly about the nation, thinking that we were living. We were men who believed that success was measured by the jobs that we held, the money we earned, and the material possessions that our families were providing us. I slowly experienced a transition and was able was to care for and be of service to those around me. I came to understand that the relationships I developed were far more important than the “things” I spent most of my life trying to acquire. We believe that you must “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk”! The owner/manager of Casa Nuevo Vida, David Marvin, lives his life this way on a daily basis. By having someone who truly “walks the walk” around you 24/7, I was finally able to understand my priorities, and put them in order, – sobriety, family and service to those I come in contact with on a daily basis. Today I can honestly say without an inkling of doubt that My Days are Bigger than My Dreams! Thanks David!

Berkeley D.

Jesse was embraced and supported by David and the other residents. Within a very short time, he felt right at home.This continued a very important part of his journey in recovery. Jesse was held to task for a series of responsibilities, including attending daily meetings, participating in household chores and securing a sponsor that would help him through the 12 step program. With David’s continual loving guidance and his diligence in the 12 step program, he remains clean and sober today. As parents we remain comforted in knowing that David and the other residents of the house are always there for Jesse. We can’t say enough about the care he got at Casa Nuevo Vida. We thank David with all our hearts.

Karyn and Todd E.