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Sober Living Activities to Help Brighten Up the Recovery Process

You did it! You’ve completed addiction treatment and have gotten sober. Now all you have to do is remain sober. While remaining sober after attending rehab may seem like an easy task, it is quite the opposite. For many recovering addicts, the real world is filled with temptations to drink and use drugs. 

This is especially true for recovering addicts whose previous leisure time and social lives revolved around using substances. One way to avoid relapsing after completing rehab is to take on fun and new sober activities. You can figure out which sober activities that you enjoy the most before entering the real world by trying them out while staying in a sober living home.

What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is a home in an apartment-like community whose residents are all newly recovered addicts. All residents in a sober living community must abide by certain rules. One rule at all sober living communities is that you cannot bring any alcohol or drugs in the community under any circumstance. If you break this rule at a sober living community, you’ll likely get automatically kicked out. 

Not being in contact with substances while staying in a sober living community will only make it easier for them to avoid substance use once they’re left on their own in the real world later on. This is ideal since the primary purpose of staying in a sober living home is to make the transition between rehab and the real world easier on recovering addicts. 

Other ways that sober living homes make the transitioning back into the real world easier is by providing recovering addicts with aftercare treatment services such as support group meetings and individual and group therapy. Many sober living communities even provide recovering addicts with the opportunity to create new and better lives for themselves. They do this by offering them skills training and the opportunity to take on new sober activities. That way sober living in the real world can be enjoyable. 

Casa Nuevo Vida Sober Activities

At Casa Nuevo Vida, we’ve opened up our doors so that newly recovered addicts can master sober living before fully entering back into the real world. One way that we help our residents master sober living is by providing them with relationships with other recovering addicts. That way all of our residents have people to call and lean on whenever they’re tempted to use substances. 

At Casa Nuevo Vida, we also provide our residents with therapy, healthy nutrition, exercise opportunities, and gender-specific men and women sober living programs. One thing, in particular, that separates Casa Nuevo Vida from many other sober living communities is the variety of sober activities that we provide our residents with. 

Through such recovery activities, we’re helping our residents establish fun sober lives for themselves. Fun, sober lives that they can carry on living once they leave our community and fully re-enter the real world.  

Keeping busy and enjoying some fun, sober activities while in the real world will make it that much easier for recovering addicts to resist using substances again. Some of the sober activities that Casa Nuevo Vida residents often take part in include: 

Attending Dodgers Games 

Attending sports games such as those done by the Dodgers can be a fun sober activity for sports-lovers. Dodgers games can even be fun for those that don’t know much about sports. This is because sports games allow people to eat, socialize with one another, and bond over their shared sports team. Thus, if you love or represent Los Angeles, you’ll love cheering on the Dodgers. 

If baseball and the Dodgers aren’t one of your favorite sports or sports teams, then you can even try attending some other type of sports game that represents some other city. Either way, you’ll get the opportunity to eat good food and bond with your fellow Casa Nuevo Vida residents. You can even continue attending Dodgers games once you leave our sober living community. 

Outdoor Activities 

There are plenty of outdoor recovery activities that you can partake in while living in a Casa Nuevo Vida sober living home. This is especially true since our sober living homes are located near the beach in sunny Los Angeles, California. 

Each of our houses contains beach cruisers, kayaks, boogie boards, and surfboards that residents can use. Having fun at a beach or some other outdoor location is an easy sober activity to continue doing in the real world. 

Movie Nights

One sober activity that is always fun to do is watch a movie. Whether you choose to watch that movie at the movie theaters or indoors is up to you. 

It’s also up to you whether you want to watch a movie by yourself or with other people. Either way, watching new and interesting movies is an enjoyable experience that you can easily do without using substances. Watching movies is also one of the recovery activities that’s easy to do when alone in the real world.

Harbor Cruise 

One of the Casa Nuevo Vida sober activities that often bond residents together is the cruise around the harbor. This cruise around the harbor occurs once a month. Thus, it’s a very unique, and enjoyable, sober activity.

BBQ Events

BBQs are fun sober activities that are often filled with people. This is because BBQs use food to bring people together. Sober living community BBQs are the perfect place for sober living home residents to meet, talk, and bond with one another. BBQs are also great sober activities for newly recovered addicts to bond with other people once in the real world. 


Bowling is an indoor sport that Casa Nuevo Vida residents have taken a great liking to. Part of the reason why bowling is so enjoyable is because of how competitive it can get. 

To help build bonds with people while out bowling, separate the people that you’re with into teams. By doing this, you’re making it easier for people within the same team to get to know one another.

Fishing Trips 

Fishing is a calming and relaxing sober activity that many Casa Nuevo Vida residents take part in. Due to how calming and relaxing fishing is, it’s also a great sober activity for newly recovered addicts to do when they want to calm down their minds and take some time out for themselves after they’ve re-entered the real world. 

Other Sober Activities That You Can Take Part In While in Addiction Recovery

There are plenty of other sober activities that recovering addicts can take part in when they’re on their own in the real world. Some of these addiction recovery activities are described below. 


Exercising is a great recovery activity to take part in because it’s good for you. To make exercising fun, do it through a physical activity that you enjoy. For example, you can exercise by participating in a dance class. 

You can also exercise by becoming a member of an intramural soccer team. Whichever way you choose to get your exercise is up to you. 

Create Art

Another fun and engaging sober activity that you can do on your own in the real world creates art. You can do this by drawing, painting, sculpting something out of clay, etc. Not only is creating art fun, but it can also be a self-esteem booster. This is because people that create art accomplish a tangible goal. 

Creating art can even act as a form of therapy. This is due to the fun and calming nature that creating artwork can have. 

Volunteering Somewhere

Doing volunteer work is another great recovery activity that can act as a form of therapy. Volunteering can act as a form of therapy for recovering addicts by taking the focus of the addicts’ minds off of themselves and onto others. 

Bettering someone else’s life through volunteer work can also give recovering addicts a great perspective about life. Bettering other people’s lives through volunteer work can also make recovering addicts feel like they’ve accomplished something. This, in turn, can boost their self-esteem. 

Take an Educational Course

Recovering from addiction is like getting a new lease on life. One way to take advantage of this new opportunity is to better one’s mind and career through education. That’s why taking an educational course is a great recovery activity. Whether this course is in-person or online, learning something new will boost your self-esteem and maybe even your resume. 

Learn How to Play an Instrument

Another thing that you can learn that will boost your self-esteem as a recovering addict is how to play an instrument. The fact that playing and listening to music can also act as a form of addiction therapy is another incentive to learn how to play an instrument while in recovery. 

Cook and/or Bake

One of the many sober activities that are both fun and productive is expanding your cooking and baking skills. Cooking and baking skills are particularly beneficial for recovering addicts to have. This is because knowing how to cook and bake can help prevent you from constantly going out to eat and eating junk food. 

Thus, to get the most out of expanding your cooking and baking skills, learn how to cook and bake some healthy recipes. That way you can re-nourish your body and mind after all the abuse that you gave them while abusing substances. 

Join a Book Club or Some Other Non-Drinking Social Group

If you want to pick up some new recovery activities, you should join a social group. You can find a wide variety of social groups based on things like your profession, gender, age, and/or personal interests on Facebook or the online social app Meetup. 

One common type of social group that you can join as a recovering addict is a book club. Joining social groups like book clubs can even help you make friends and expand your support system. 

Attend Church

Another great place to make friends and expand your support group is at church or some other religious function. Spirituality is a major component of the different 12-step addiction recovery programs. Thus, it couldn’t hurt to attend a religious service. 

If you enjoy attending church, you can even make friends and join some of your church’s sober activities. For example, you can become a member of the church choir or the women’s or men’s bible study. 

Start Living Sober at Casa Nuevo Vida

Regardless of what sober activities you choose to take up, Casa Nuevo Vida sober living is here to support you. Here at Casa Nuevo Vida, we do whatever it takes to make make sure that your mind, body, and spirit are ready to take on the world as a sober individual. Whether that means pushing you to engage in more sober activities, offering you a gym membership, providing you with therapy services and relapse prevention training, or teaching you how to eat healthy through proper nutrition, we’ve got you covered. 

To learn more about Casa Nuevo Vida sober living, and the different services, amenities, and recovery activities that we offer our residents contact us today!