Sober Living in California

Alcohol and drug addiction has been a long-term problem in the society that roots from the expectations and pressures that people are surrounded with every day. Many people turn to drugs as an escape for their responsibilities, or an escape from their realities. Alcohol is used basically for the same purpose, only that it tends to be milder and less taboo. Alcohol can numb emotions and pain, which is why it is abused by many. Alcohol addiction can also cause problems very similar to drug addiction. Whatever the case, both alcohol and drugs have ruined the lives of many people. More and more people are needing the help of sober living homes. For many recovering alcoholics and addicts, the first days and weeks following treatment can be really challenging. Even if you leave a rehab center fired up with a passion to stay sober, you have to know that there is still a long way to go. This is where sober living homes come in – to help you and others transition successfully from primary drug treatment to the real world. If you are looking for the best sober living in california aftercare facilities, consider Casa Nuevo Vida recovery homes. With options of transitional living for those who are seeking a supportive living environment, our homes in Cheviot Hills, and Playa del Rey welcome anyone who is serious about lasting recovery.

Casa Nuevo Vida Sober Living

At Casa Nuevo Vida, you will be a part of a community who understands your struggle along the path of recovery. You will not be alone. Our homes will be your network of support for as long as you need it. Within a positive, safe, and supportive environment, you can strengthen your commitment to prevent relapse while building a solid foundation for purposeful living. We accept recovering individuals who have not completed any primary treatment as long as they can demonstrate a level of commitment to sober living. Whether you feel like conversing with other people while food is prepared, reading a book by the fireplace, relaxing in the pool, or sipping coffee while looking at a serene view, we are certain that Casa Nuevo Vida is the perfect choice for you! With us, you will live in a beautiful, relaxing and cozy home with a group of people committed not only to their recovery, but yours as well. You will never be alone because you will be part of a community who knows exactly what you are going through and understands your struggle. Here at Casa Nuevo Vida, we have helped hundreds of men and women live a long-term life of sobriety. We are certain that we can help you as well.

Transitional Living

Transitional living homes help individuals put the pieces of their lives back together after completing an alcohol or drug treatment program. It serves as a temporary place to live while a patient continues with his sober living and pursue education, mend relationships or acquire employment. It centers on a post-treatment plan that is necessary to maintain a sober lifestyle. Here at Casa Nuevo Vida, we provide a hands on approach to individuals who want to take full responsibility for their lives by leaving behind substance abuse, negative relationships and other choices that have led to broken families, homelessness and broken lives. Our sober living houses accommodate men and women regardless of their culture, background, ethnicity or faith. We believe that change is possible for anyone who is willing to leave behind the past and ready to welcome a new future.

Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Addiction Care and Treatment

For recovering men and women, transitional living represents an essential step to securing long-term sobriety. Our sober living homes help establish healthy coping mechanisms, which later on helps sustain an alcohol or drug-free lifestyle. Our transitional living program is designed to assist those who have successfully completed an inpatient rehabilitation program, as well as those who did not undergo treatment at a facility but believe that we can help them rebuild their lives. Casa Nuevo Vida’s transitional living program follows a gender-specific recovery model that takes into consideration the obvious biological and psychological differences between men and women. Many studies have shown that gender-specific programs have higher rates of success compared to those that apply the same treatment and prevention approaches to both male and female residents. As experts in recovery and sober living, we at Casa Nuevo Vida recognize that the last thing our clients need is a distraction while they are trying to establish healthier routines. Within our homes, residents can freely discuss topics that are unique to their gender—topics which may never be covered in a mixed-gender environment.

We Can Help You Today

We want our clients to have the best possible chance at maintaining sobriety, which is why our transitional living program is designed with their specific needs in mind. As recovering addicts and alcoholics ourselves, we do know just how hard it is to overcome the urge of relapse, especially when there are distractions everywhere. At Casa Nuevo Vida, residents can focus on their recovery for as long as they want, with ready access to a network of support and a staff of sober living experts. Whatever their particular challenges or gender-specific needs are, we can offer a safe and encouraging environment, where everyone is motivated to stay on the path to sobriety. If you are ready to get sober, we can help. Our doors are always open—and so are our phone lines—especially to those who are willing to build a new life that is committed to lasting recovery. We invite you to explore our site and fill out our online contact form for inquiries so that we can assist you in beginning a great life—one that is full of promise and possibilities.

Start Thriving in Sobriety