Giving you the

keys to the rest of your life

Structured Sober Living for Men and Women in Los Angeles

Giving you the

keys to the rest of your life

Structured Sober Living for Men and Women in Los Angeles

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Come Home to Casa Nuevo Vida

At Casa Nuevo Vida, we’re more than just a sober living program. From our amazing residents to our robust alumni network and always-available staff, we’re a family.

Whether you’re stepping down from inpatient therapy or recovering from a relapse, we provide a healthy, welcoming atmosphere where you’ll receive the best care available. Our customized sober living programs offer you the safety and support you need—not just for 30 days, but for as long as help is needed.

Sober Living In Los Angeles




From relaxing accommodations to delicious cuisine, our amenities do not disappoint. Common rooms are elegantly furnished and outfitted with 4K LED TVs, and each bedroom has its own bathroom. Bond with your sober neighbors over ping pong tables, use the outdoor half court for basketball, volleyball or hockey and get back in shape with our gym equipment.

We supply delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We happily accommodate dietary restrictions, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, kosher, non-dairy or gluten-free.

Sober Living Programs

Our sober living programs assist those who have successfully completed an inpatient rehabilitation program, as well as those who have not undergone treatment at a facility but who seek help rebuilding their lives. Our hands-on approach to men’s and women’s sober living in Los Angeles means you’ll receive the care and structure you need to thrive in sobriety.

What You Should Know About Us

We lead by example.

We consider it our duty to guide our residents toward a healthy and sober future. We lead by example according to our principles of honesty, faith, integrity, willingness, humility, perseverance, spirituality, love and service.

Our staff is available at all hours.

We have staff on-site 24/7, and we’re always available to help our residents through any aspect of their recovery process. Many of us have benefited from sober living programs ourselves, and we are always ready to listen and provide support.

We treat residents with respect.

A peaceful environment is the key to making lifelong friends who help you along your path to recovery. While we are proud of our programs, it is ultimately our residents who find the courage to overcome their fears and live a sober life with the help of our community.

We believe recovery should be fun.

Our residents have fun while they recover from addiction, and we promise that your time here will not be a boring experience. We provide exciting and rewarding experiences for you and your family as you strengthen your sobriety.

Start Thriving in Sobriety