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Casa Nuevo Vida’s sober living services are designed based on transitional living principles, equipping residents with the life skills needed to maintain sobriety for a lifetime. Our focus is on relapse prevention, while providing the highest level of care for those who need it. In each of our homes, you’ll find that our recovery support programs build upon the foundations learned during initial treatment. Like most recovery homes, we offer a safe environment that is conducive to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. But in terms of amenities and extras, we offer more, providing our clients with one of a kind sober living experience.
  • All meals follow requested dietary restrictions including vegetarian, vegan, kosher, non-dairy and gluten-free. Dietary restrictions should be requested upon entry. 
  • Trips to the Spectrum Club gym (memberships available).
  • Personal trainer and sports massage available upon request.
  • In-house weekly meetings with guest speakers.
  • Weekly group activities emphasizing family relationships, relapse prevention, and living life in today’s world as a sober individual.
  • Fun in recovery days, which include movie nights, bowling trips, barbecues, sports events, pool parties, and more.

Casa Nuevo Vida Pricing

Call us to learn how affordable it can be to solidify your recovery in a structured, fun sober living home.

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