Women’s Sober Living

Located in the upscale neighborhood of Cheviot Hills, our women’s sober living home is close to everything you need. We mean shops, dining establishments, and gyms all while we offer a serene environment within the home as well as throughout the property.

What Is a Home That Provides Sober Living for Women? 

To begin, a home that provides sober living for women is an addiction treatment facility that only intakes women. In short, it’s an inpatient treatment (aka residential program). While women make up over half of the world’s population, they are still treated as second-class citizens in most parts of Earth. They face unique problems in this way. Also, women’s biology adds depth to addiction treatment. Therefore, addiction affects them differently. 

Moreover, men have a higher risk of addiction than women. So, for a long period of time, all the focus on addiction prevention was conducted with a male scope. In the not-so-distant past, addiction treatment facilities realized that women have special needs and concerns when it comes to substance use disorders. 

Certain issues affect females who suffer from a substance use disorder: 

  • Being dismissed by doctors about both mental and physical disorders
  • Not having enough money to pay for feminine products (ie: pads and tampons)
  • Suffering from a substance use disorder while pregnant 
  • Having a miscarriage while struggling to combat addiction 
  • Women are typically victims of rape and sexual abuse 
  • No father figure in their child’s life 
sober living for women

All of these factors shape a woman’s experience with addiction. It’s a uniquely female set of problems that a home that provides sober living for women understands. A women’s’ sober living home won’t dismiss health problems, but, helps them with uniquely female struggles, and gives them a safe space to recover. 

Why Gender-Specific Programs Provide Sober Living for Women 

First off, women and men aren’t so different. However, their experience and biological makeup shape how they deal with addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), addiction may seem to hit men worse than women at face value. In other words, they have higher rates of using illicit drugs than women. With this, they are more likely to wind up in the hospital because of it. 

Yet, women are just as likely as men to suffer from a substance user disorder. Additionally, women are more vulnerable to cravings, which puts them in the perfect scenario to relapse. Around 40-60 percent of addicts relapse after recovery. A program that provides sober living for women understands the majority of addicts relapse and that the chances are higher for women. Hence, the treatment is geared with this in mind. 

How Drugs Affect Women Differently Than Men 

As a whole, drugs affect women differently than men. This is a factor as to why women use certain drugs more than men. For example, NIDA states that fewer women use marijuana. That said, research indicates that young women who habitually use it have a higher chance of brain structural abnormalities than boys. 

To continue, research suggests that women are more at risk for relapse to hard drugs (cocaine and meth) because of estrogen. Supposedly, this sex hormone increases the pleasant effects of stimulants. Women reported using stimulants to help balance home care, taking care of their children, and other familial duties. A facility that specializes in sober living for women knows addiction stems from underlying issues. It doesn’t start because a woman is morally corrupt. 

How to Find the Right Sober Living for Women Program 

Given these points, not every addiction treatment facility is a match for a woman struggling with a substance use disorder. Some centers that provide a sober living for women offer certain amenities that others won’t. A woman who is a recovering addict may prefer a certain form of treatment. Also, financial factors play into choosing the right facility.

Here are questions to ask when choosing a sober living for women center: 

  • Do they take a specific type of insurance?
  • Does the facility take insurance at all?
  • Are they an abstinence-based facility? 
  • Is the facility in a convenient location? 
  • How many people live there? 
  • Does every patient get their room, or do they share rooms? 
  • Can good ratings back up what they are saying? 
  • Do they have payment plans? 
  • Does the sober living for women center offer aftercare? 
  • Can they continue medication prescriptions? 

These are all important questions to ask. Otherwise, a woman who is a recovering addict can end up in an unpleasant, costly situation. Ask these before to avoid it. 

Find Freedom Through Responsibility and Sober Living for Women

We have an open-door policy for your loved ones and family members. Parents, siblings, spouses, and significant others are welcome to visit, and we are always happy to show them what we do to help our residents through the recovery process. Here is where your family can join you on your journey to recovery. Women addicted to marijuana also have higher rates of panic attacks and anxiety. 

Why Gender-Specific Programs Provide Sober Living for Women

Cheviot Hills Offers Sober Living for Women 

Nestled between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, our Cheviot Hills Women’s Sober Living House encourages residents to foster a sense of sisterhood in the community alongside other female residents who are  committed to getting well and staying on the path to recovery. Casa Nuevo Vida is dedicated to helping women adhere to sober living principles by providing a safe and nurturing environment that supports healing, spiritual growth, and personal goals.

This gender-specific recovery home, helps our female residents rebuild a new lifestyle that focuses on spiritual development, physical health, and interpersonal relationship skills. We rely on fun scheduled activities. Think outings, meetings in the Cheviot Hills recreation center, several parks, and multiple AA meeting locations around the neighborhood. This women’s sober living house is in a prime location to begin working on recovery goals.

Cheviot Hills Sober Living for Women House Amenities:


Get hold of your favorite TV show or never miss the news broadcast during your stay. LED TVs are installed in each common area of the house.

Playstation  And  WiFi  Consoles Are Available

Divert your attention to gadgets during leisure time. WiFi access can be granted at designated periods of the day.

Large Dining Room

The dining room is a great place to get together, share meals, and support one another.

Meal Options

We supply delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Choose from Kosher, vegetarian/vegan diet meals, gluten-free, gourmet, or a home-style meal. You can state your preference upon enrollment.

Heated Pool and Jacuzzi 

A  stressed-out mind and body can be cured by immersing oneself in a luxurious, heated pool. The heated pool and relaxing environment help you realize your potential which can be used to further promote sober living. Also enjoy kicking back in the jacuzzi with a natural, serene surrounding.

Round The Clock Support

House managers live within this community. They render constant help and assistance to residents at any time of the day. It is the mission of Casa Nuevo Vida to look after their house guests in every possible way to ensure progress towards recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our women’s sober living program.