About Casa Nuevo Vida

There is so much about Casa Nuevo Vida that makes it one of the leading sober living recovery homes in California. Many of our residents have come to Casa Nuevo Vida at the suggestion of their families and friends, while others choose us on their own because they knew we can provide the privacy and an environment conducive to healing.

Coping with addiction on your own can be very difficult. Many people do not find success going it alone since their at-home environment and lifestyle is surrounded by so many triggers. At Casa Nuevo Vida, recovering individuals are removed from any people, places or things that can cause these triggers and they are able to reflect and recover in a safe place about how they really want to lead their lives.

Each resident living within a Casa Nuevo Vida sober home can be assured of one thing: utter comfort. Within one of our sober homes, residents become more in touch with both nature and with themselves. Away from the pressures of everyday life, they are able to relax, mingle with other like-minded peers or even enjoy the solitude within their private living quarters. Each member of our staff makes sure that every resident is offered their own sanctuary that provides them with a tranquil space to assist them recover as they resist the urge to fall back into past destructive habits.

A Word From Our Staff About Casa Nuevo Vida

Early recovery in sobriety should be a fulfilling, wonderful experience. Casa Nuevo Vida is a reflection of my personal journey down the path to sobriety. My life today is nothing short of a dream. Five years ago my life was in ruins – spiritually bankrupt, physically damaged, personal, incomprehensible demoralization. With the help of loving, caring individuals, I walked a road that previously was only a shadow of a dream. I never thought I could stay sober. And, I really thought that sobriety couldn’t possibly be any fun. I’ve built Casa Nuevo Vida based on my personal journey in sobriety.

I work with each client one on one as well as within our group. I have been blessed with the gift of a solid recovery. I believe that the only way to keep that gift is to give back what I have been so freely given. It is my goal and dream to provide a safe haven for men to live as they find the wonders that sobriety can bring. I also believe in walking this path with each client as he travels his own personal road to recovery. My experience is that I have a “front row seat for the miracles,”and that miracle is each client himself.

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