Benefits of Sober Living Homes

For recovering patients, adjusting to “real life” can be the hardest part of getting well. After successfully completing detoxification and rehabilitation, patients often fear returning to an environment that may not be conducive to a sober lifestyle. Socializing with family and friends who still drink or take drugs may tempt a person to relapse. Many people feel disoriented when they return to their old lives without alcohol or drugs. However, there are many benefits of sober living homes, and below are just a few:

1. Structure. The primary advantage of a sober living home is structure. We want to emphasize that Casa Nuevo Vida is not a clinical facility; it is a residential home shared by several recovering patients who have been formerly addicted to drugs and alcohol.

The Casa Nuevo Vida sober living homes help recently recovered men and women maintain their sobriety by providing structure and support. Our facilities teach residents how to establish a healthy routine and create a responsible, sober lifestyle.

Structure creates routine, and routine is an important part of recovery. The unfamiliarity of a sober life makes it difficult for recovering persons to perform common chores, manage money or work. A sober living home can help residents establish a routine that makes the transition to “normal living” easier.

Addiction is often caused by poor coping skills, and acquiring healthy ways of coping is a gradual task. Sober living environments help residents create good habits that will allow them to automatically make positive choices in the future.

2. Professional Support. We have professionals who supervise the progress of our residents. Our sober living houses serve as a temporary setting, or a segue from inpatient care to complete independence. Our homes require residents to abstain from alcohol and drugs, and we conduct random tests to ensure that residents comply. We believe that testing creates a sense of accountability in residents.

Many recovering patients come from unstable environments where they may have to face “triggers” or stressful situations that can cause a relapse. Our transitional living homes require that residents adhere to our strict household rules. These rules create a sense of stability that makes a relapse less likely.

2. Companionship. Imposed structure is the defining feature of transitional living facilities, but residents also value the support and companionship they receive from their peers in these places. Casa Nuevo Vida is a community, and part of the healing process is learning how to be a good community member.

Further, most people recovering from addiction find social situations a little awkward, especially if there is alcohol being served. Since residents cannot drink or use drugs, they feel less awkward around each other in a sober living environment. Additionally, our transitional living facilities require individual therapy and group meetings. These meetings are a staple for the recovery process and an invaluable source of support.

3. Fun and Leisure. Despite the advantages of transitional living facilities, people still feel strained during recovery. “Boutique” sober living environments, such as our sober living homes in California can help reduce stress by offering amenities like spa treatments, personal fitness trainers, and even private chefs. Surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings, Casa Nuevo Vida sober homes provide perks that allow residents to focus exclusively on healing. Recovery takes time, and these luxurious amenities help former addicts feel less overwhelmed as they acquire the skills necessary for their lifelong sobriety.

Because alcohol and drugs damage the body severely, initial treatment focuses on physical health. However, dependency is not just a physical illness. It is also a mental health issue that needs to be addressed with a holistic approach. Casa Nuevo Vida treats both the physical and psychological aspects of dependency. These transitional settings help men and women learn to enjoy the freedom that comes with living a sober and responsible life.

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