What is Sober Living?

There is more to sober living than simply abstaining from drugs and alcohol. It requires a willingness to live one day at a time andsaying yes to actively pursuing a purpose in life. Here at Casa Nuevo Vida, we believe that sober living does not happen overnight. However, it becomes easier when you are in an environment that is supportive of your recovery. Casa Nuevo Vida recovery homes are warm, nurturing places – ideal for people who are looking to start or continue a clean and sober life.

Maintaining sobriety is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it also requires the right environment for successful sobriety. When alcoholics and addicts get out of rehab, they oftentimes struggle to maintain their sobriety if they head straight back into their old lives. That is where sober living houses come in. A sober living house is a great place for patients to begin their sober recovery process after they get out of rehab.

Having completed a stay in a rehabilitation center is something to be proud of. While there is a reason to be proud, it is also the most difficult part of recovery. Transitioning from a rehab to a home is in fact the most treacherous part of the journey because it means going back to familiar temptations.

During rehabilitation, patients are surrounded by people who share similar sentiments. There are people to talk to and support is always available. There are very few responsibilities so that patients can focus on their goal of being sober. A rehab environment caters a completely sober life by surrounding patients with everything they need, and pulling them away from what is unnecessary. However, this is not the case in the real world. Once it ends, it can be difficult to be out on your own without all the support you’ve been used to having.

A Sober Living Home is Different from a Rehab Center

This may confuse you, but you should know that a sober living home is not a rehab center. Rehabilitation centers offer intensive programs that follow strict rules. A sober living home is an option for those who have just completed a stay in the rehab and want to continue their sober living, those who are not comfortable with the idea of staying in a rehabilitation center, or those who simply cannot afford the cost associated with rehabs.

How it Works in Our Sober Living Houses

A sober living home is a place that offers former alcohol and drug users a place to start practicing their sober recovery. It is a residential facility that has absolutely no alcohol or drugs on the premises. This includes things like alcoholic mouthwash, aftershave, cold medicine and vanilla. The goal is to completely remove all sources of intoxication from the environment. This will ensure that the residents have the best chances of maintaining their sobriety. With all sources of temptation removed, the residents will not have any chance of going back to their vices as they struggle to maintain their sobriety.

Here at Casa Nuevo Vida, our sober living residences are located in a quiet neighborhood. The houses we manage are subdivided into separate living quarters, but we have communal living environments. Living communally allows the residents to take strength and support from one another as each of them moves forward towards a life of sobriety.

Residents are regularly tested for drugs and alcohol. Here at Casa Nuevo Vida, we have a zero tolerance approach to drug or alcohol use. If a resident is found in possession of drugs or alcohol, or if they test positive for either, then they will most likely be asked to leave immediately. The zero tolerance rule has to be enforced to safeguard the sober environment of the other residents.

All the residents have daily assigned chores to help them rebuild their responsible lives. In addition, all residents are expected to either be working or actively seeking employment.

Also, our sober recovery homes provide counseling and group meetings to help support our residents in their quest to maintain sobriety. The residents attend 12-step meetings in order to keep living there. Failure to attend a meeting can be a cause for dismissal. There are also many other rules, such as keeping things clean and being home by curfew. Failure to maintain the house rules can result in punishments ranging from paying a fine to expulsion from the house.

A Range of Transitional Living Homes

While a majority of our transitional living residences are aimed at people with lower incomes, we offer a wide range of sober living houses. Our upscale residences have the same strict guidelines as that of a traditional sober house, but they offer residents additional amenities like massage therapists, spas, pools, private chefs and hot tubs.

People generally live in our sober living residences for a period of at least 90 days before they are ready to move out. Some people stay up to a year, but almost no one is allowed to stay for more than a year. When residents are fully adjusted to a life of sobriety, they are most likely through the transitional living process and are ready to move on.

If you are truly serious about lasting sobriety, allow us show you how an encouraging environment and the support of others can help. Sober living is a process. With our recovery homes and programs, you can immerse yourself in a positive and encouraging environment, while developing skills that will be your keys to a new life.

Getting clean is a fantastic beginning. The real healing follows through our program at Casa Nuevo Vida. If you are ready for a life that is defined by complete emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical healing, let Casa Nuevo Vida help you build a solid foundation for lasting recovery.

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