Drug abuse affects families, friends and the community as well. It does not only have negative effects on the users—it multiplies it effects to the society. You can help prevent the impact of drug addition by learning to recognize all its warning signs and encouraging drug abusers to seek treatment before their situation becomes dangerous for them as well as to the people around them.

Physical Changes

Someone who is abusing drugs will have physical changes in the body. It can include dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, weight loss, change in complexion, hyperactivity, changes in speech patterns, loss of coordination and unusual smell. Although someone using drugs may not mean that he or she is abusing it, you will know right away because abusers will inadvertently display signs of being intoxicated. If the person is using intravenous drugs, he or she will also have marks on the arms or legs.

Emotional/Mood Changes

If someone is abusing drugs, you will notice an unexplainable and drastic change in his or her personality. For instance, if your sibling is usually quiet and he or she suddenly changes and becomes noisy or aggressive for no apparent reason, it is a sign of drug abuse.

Over time, the effects of drugs may wear off and the person will experience withdrawal symptoms such as jumpiness, anxiety, trembling, shakiness insomnia, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, loss of appetite, irritability, agitation and even fever. A person may use drugs to stop the shaking and steady the nerves.

Getting into Trouble

It is typical for drug abusers to get into trouble. It can come in different ways, but frequent fighting with the family is most common. They get into verbal arguments often—even with strangers. Drug abusers are also likely to engage in things that may endanger their lives.

It is also typical for a drug abuser to have an unexplained need for money in order to satisfy certain needs—especially their addiction. Money will never be enough for them even if they have good salary. Because their jobs become affected, they may also not be able to afford to buy drugs, which result in an even stronger need for money.

Poor Performance

Those who are chemically addicted will have an unexplained and often dramatic drop in attendance and performance in their work and in school. It may be evident that the person will have a persistent desire to change his or her behavior to perform better, but attempts will be unsuccessful. They may spend less time on things that used to take a lot of their time, such as hanging out with friends and family, going to the gym or watching movies. They may lose interest on any activity because of drug abuse.

Suspicious Behavior

A drug abuser will usually hide their abuse from other people. You will frequently catch him or her making excuses that are not even reasonable. Missing items, such as money, jewelry, alcohol, prescription medications and household cleaners may indicate someone who is experiencing chemical addiction.


If the above signs and symptoms have been very apparent to someone who is important to you, it is time to seek medical attention or seek the help of a sober living home. Call us today and we will be happy to discuss with you what actions need to be done in order to stop the addiction entirely.