Contrary to what others may think, the first few months after rehab are the most stressful. Recovering addicts (and their respective friends and family members) are on edge. The possibility of going back to the old days is slowly inching further and further away. However, relapse is still a huge possibility and even if it is prevented completely, it hangs overhead as if a dark cloud. This is why luxury sober living homes are a great idea during these times of stress. It lessens the burden on the recovering person and at the same time, experts in the field of recovery can assist with any problems that may be encountered along the way. Read on for our three tips to help anyone who’s badly wound up to relax and focus better on the road to recovery.

1. Guided Meditation

Meditation gurus make it sound so easy. Even Kung Fu movies make meditation look like it’s the most natural thing to do in the world. Even if you’re surrounded by an angry group of sword-wielding ninjas, it seems that you can still meditate your way out of any mess you may have gotten yourself into. But even the most experienced fans of meditation find that the most beautiful of surroundings isn’t enough to help with one’s focus. Meditation has so many benefits for the recovering addict (and even for other people as well!) that it shouldn’t be pushed aside during recovery. It helps with mood, concentration, and most especially, it aids in relaxation. This is why guided meditation is a great way to get all the benefits of meditation without the mess and stress of figuring out the right way to meditate. The great thing about guided meditation is that you only have to have a few minutes of alone time to make it work. No need to pay for expensive meditation tapes since a lot of excellent-quality guided meditation videos and mp3s are available in good old YouTube.

 2. Steam the Stress Away

For addicts who like their downers, it’s a tough time for relaxation. But fear not, since there are lots of other ways to unwind. Baking or cooking is a great way to let off steam. It can be quick (a simply stir-fry) or it can be time-consuming (a three layer cake, perhaps?). A lot of pastry chefs are capable of churning out hundreds upon hundreds of pastries a day since it’s their way of expressing themselves. A lot can be said about the way a person’s choice of sugar decoration or lack of it. The great thing about cooking in general is that it can work for your personality instead of against it. Some people like their barbecues while some enjoy preparing dainty tea sandwiches. Either way, creating a concoction in the kitchen is a sure way of focusing one’s energy on something productive and actually enjoyable.

3. Care for Something

Now, caring for a pet could be the answer to a less-stressful recovery period. Even if all you’re going to care for is a goldfish, it’s still a great way to ground one’s self and exercise a few ‘emotion muscles,’ if you will. A pet helps a person understand the selfless act of caring for another being aside from one’s self. A pet can also help a person focus on the recovery aspect and do better overall. Not to mention that a pet is a great source of companionship that can help steer a person to recovery instead of the other way around.