It’s Time for a New Sober Hobby – But What?

You’ve finished your treatment and you’re going to be leaving the sober home that assisted in your recovery. So it’s time for a sober hobby to help nurture your new found life. This can be a little scary and exciting at the same time – after all, you’re starting a new sober life. One thing you should do is find your new sober hobby. This can be an activity or hobby that you’re very passionate about, or have never done at all. You’ll want to create a new outlet for your energy and a way to stay motivated and focused over your long-term recovery. If you’re not sure what is calling you yet, here are a few tips to help you find that sober hobby.

1. Find What Your Interests Are

Not sure what really interests you anymore? That’s okay, you’ve created a clean  slate! Try  something like golfing, hiking or biking if you love the outdoors. If you’re in the city, there’s still ways to tap into fun new activities. Consider joining a gym, exercising at the local pool or rock climbing indoors. Are you an art lover? Maybe you could try a new medium, such as ceramics or oil painting. Did you always like doing things yourself? Find a remodeling project or start bringing life back to vintage furniture pieces. The possibilities are endless and you can control what types of activities you participate in. One thing is certain though, you want to stay active, busy and engaged in your recovery with a sober hobby!

2. Challenge Yourself With the Sober Hobby

If nothing in your current interests sparks your mind, step outside of your comfort zone instead. If you’ve never been into athletics, for example, try something basic like yoga to form a foundation and go from there. Whatever you decide to try, be patient – it will take time to progress in a new skill.

3. Connect With Like-Minded People in Recovery

When you’re taking on a new activity or hobby, you’ll have the chance to expand your social network and meet new people who have similar interests. Search social networks and group listings to find local people and groups that share your new interest. If you can’t find one, start one yourself – it’s likely there are other people nearby who are interested in the same thing you are. Remember to keep these interactions healthy and focus on your sobriety.

If you’re still struggling to find your new sober hobby, don’t give up! Be ready to try more than one thing, as it may take time for you to find what really works for you, but it’s definitely worth it.