Trying to recover from addiction alone can be a daunting task, but many find it even more difficult to reach out for professional assistance, even if they’ve benefited from it before. But before you decide to tough things out alone, consider these four benefits of working with experts in recovery:

1) Objective feedback

Sometimes, what you need to hear isn’t what you want to hear. Whether it’s trusted friends, family, or acquaintances giving you feedback and advice, or just the contents of your own mind, you can’t always expect the objective truth from a source that’s too close. By working with professionals, you can be certain you’re getting advice on your thoughts, situations, and plans which you can trust.

2) Structured recovery

Recovery can be quite messy, and it helps a lot to sort it out into something with a bit more structure. Whether it’s a stay in a sober home or some other form of organized addiction rehab you undertake, working within the confines of a program with the assistance of a professional will improve your long-term prospects. Regular meetings with a professional will also help serve as an anchor in your life, something tethering you to your sobriety, keeping it firmly in your mind as time goes by.

3) Medication

Many people find that their recovery is complicated by medical issues, issues which can be resolved to some degree in a clinical setting with the help of a medical professional. You might not realize that you’re suffering from severe depression or anxiety, sitting alone in your home and trying not to drink or use, but in a sober home, someone with the credentials to do so will notice and get you the help you need. For those whose substance abuse stems from other conditions, this is a critical aspect of recovery — one you’ll struggle immensely to do without.

4) Honesty

It can be hard to be honest with the people around you when discussing your substance abuse recovery, but a medical professional or other recovery expert can always offer a non-judgmental, helpful listening ear. Many recovering from addiction find that just being able to vent to someone they know won’t use what they say against them helps immensely with recovery and sober living.