It is necessary to understand the connection between stress and relapse. There are 4 common stress factors that lead to relapse and here we’ll dissect each and every factor in order to determine the proper actions to take.

Insufficient Skills for Coping In Social Situations
For some people, drug and alcohol usage stems from something that may seem so negligible: inability to cope in social situations. People who may be described as introverted or awkward may suddenly realize that they can easily cope in certain situations with the aid of drugs or alcohol. This in turn could easily lead them to binge drink or use drugs when they’re led to certain scenarios.

For the friend/relative:
If you suspect that the person you love is using drugs and alcohol as a confidence booster, then perhaps now is the time to uncover what they really like and dislike. There is no shortcut for this but you can try your best to uncover their quirks and personalities by spending time with them. If your love one likes, say, comic books, then perhaps you can accompany him or her to events or conventions that encourage them to mingle with like-minded individuals so they no longer resort to drugs or alcohol.


Inability to Handle Personal/Interpersonal Conflicts
People who are unable to understand what they’re feeling often end up having trouble in their relationships with other people as well.

For the friend/relative:
This is especially tricky to handle since YOU might personally be involved in this. If you don’t know how or where to begin sorting this out, the best thing you can do is to call on professional help (with the permission of your recovering loved one, that is). If you force him or her to go to therapy sessions, it might not go down so well. But trying to handle things on your own might not be a good way to handle things especially if you’re not sure what to do to begin with.

Frequent Reminders of Past Usage
If a person in recovery is constantly exposed to reminders of past usage (Facebook friends, neighborhood, etc) then there’s a high chance that he or she will relapse. However, given the right mindset and tools for recovery, relapse can definitely be prevented.

For the friend/relative:
If you think that your loved one is having a hard time forgetting past usage of drugs/alcohol because of where they live, then perhaps going to a different place for the time being can help with the situation. This is where YOUR intuition/guidance will come in.


Being Exposed to Same Stressors That Enabled Past Usage to Begin With
A person in recovery needs to know how to handle stress. The recovery process is not a walk in the park. Some people come and leave rehab thinking that that’s the hardest part of recovery. The real hard part is actually the post-rehab stage. This is where loved ones (or a stint at a Sober Living Home) come in.


For the friend/relative:
Enrolling your loved one in a sober living home can actually help speed up the healing process. If you’re in the LA area, check out Casa Nuevo Vida. We will help your loved one recover and live life to the fullest.