Recovery, especially post-rehab, is a very stressful process. For the friends and family of those in recovery, it’s important to understand that post-rehab is not only the most stressful time for recovering addicts, but it’s also one of the most crucial moments in their life as a recovering person. Stress may be very difficult to deal with on its own. Stress that’s induced by a stint in rehab is already hard enough as it is. And having to deal with day-to-day problems can make it worse. It’s important to note that underlying stress could’ve been one of the factors that pushed a person into using illegal drugs and alcohol. That’s why it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Here are 5 healthy habits that anyone (including the friends and family of those in recovery) can do in order to avoid stress and relapse.

Deep Breaths
If you’re not into meditation, practicing deep breathing can be a tremendous help. You may not realize this but if you’ve been stressed a lot, you could’ve been holding your breath a lot of times as well. This is why you should make deep breathing a habit in order to give your brain a much needed oxygen boost every now and then. Start with deep breathing 1 to 2 times a day, morning and evening. Then increase it to three times a day. You’ll be surprised how you no longer hold your breath or feel as sluggish just after a few days of practicing this.

Move Around
If you don’t know where to start, start small. Walk for 5 minutes a day then increase it until you walk for up to 15 minutes a day. At this point, know what kind of exercise will work for your body type and your personality. Some people don’t like Yoga because they want something that’s more fast-paced. You can try out dancing instead. Some people, on the other hand, love Yoga’s relaxing and holistic approach to health and wellness. Even before you start researching, doing small movements everyday can really help you get better and feel better.

Start the day with an energizing shower or end the day by soaking in a warm bath. No matter what, try to aim for bathing once a day (unless it’s the dead of Winter where you are! In this case, a sauna will do you good.). This will help clear away any cobwebs and rejuvenate you so you’re ready to start the day or to go to sleep.

Think Differently
Try to catch yourself thinking negatively and reverse that with a positive thought. Just one negative thought a day. Then increase that as the days go by and watch how you’re suddenly changing the way you think. Although it may be hard at first, self-reflexiveness is something that can benefit anyone regardless of age or gender.

Lastly, sleep! Get enough high-quality sleep everyday and avoid staying up later than 11 PM, especially if you need to wake up early the following day. Getting enough sleep is crucial to helping your body recovery from everyday stressors. If you really can’t get enough sleep, try to practice napping for a few minutes to keep your cortisol levels down.