Rehab represents the beginning of a long process, one which may seem quite daunting to you as you stand at the starting line. But before you begin dreading tomorrow and wondering at every potential mistake and misstep you might see on your path, it’s important to recognize the likeliest threats to your sobriety. Overcome, avoid, or avert these five impediments, and the road to addiction recovery will be a far smoother one.

1) Toxic relationships

Harmful relationships come in many shapes and forms when considering your sobriety, and it’s important to address each sort appropriately. The most obvious threat to sobriety comes from friends and family that still use; you’ll need to either avoid these people or convince them to respect your needs. Relationships which produce excessive stress should also be avoided or navigated carefully, especially those with problems directly tied to your substance abuse. Consider time in a sober home if avoiding these relationships isn’t viable yet.

2) Lack of a support network

Unfortunately, many find themselves confronting sobriety without a proper peer group to help them through times of pain. This can occur for any number of reasons, not the least of which being a distancing from existing relationships due to substance abuse within your circle of friends and family. Picking up hobbies and engaging in sober activities can help you find the assistance you need.

3) Untreated physical and mental health problems

Much substance abuse tracks back to physical ailments, mental ailments, and combinations thereof. You absolutely must recognize and resolve these problems before they drive you away from sober living again. Chronic pain, insomnia, bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression, and anxiety – all of these can lead directly to substance abuse due to lack of control or attempts at self-medication.

4) High-risk hobbies and activities

Think carefully about the situations you put yourself into, at least until you’ve solidified your sobriety into a stable lifestyle. That means avoiding parties and events with a lot of substance abuse, replacing them with other activities.

5) Stagnation

Cutting yourself off from so much of your life in pursuit of sobriety isn’t without its own risks. Many find themselves stagnating, with no goals or entertainment to pursue. It’s important that you establish firm life goals and work towards them. Don’t settle, your sobriety is an opportunity to advance!