Remember Why You Started
If you feel like giving up, remember why you started. Is it because of family, friends, or just for yourself? If you’re a visual person, creating a ‘vision board’ and putting all the photos of the people you love could be a good idea. If you find that writing soothes you, start a blog. It doesn’t matter if you can’t write everyday. But make your website your own sanctuary wherein you can type in all that you want to write without feeling judged or frowned upon. Some websites (like LiveJournal) provide writers an option to keep all their thoughts private.

Stick To A Schedule (But Pencil In ‘Me Time’ As Well)
There’s a reason why sober living homes work: it helps retrain brain muscles and encourages people to find meaning in the real world as we know it. And since a person’s road to recovery is always a work in progress, sticking to a schedule is definitely a good idea. If you find that you’re the kind of person who can quickly succumb to boredom, ennui, or a general feeling of dissatisfaction, keeping a schedule can help you avoid any of these scenarios to begin with.

Join A Community
Whether you’re joining an online Facebook community or a real-life one, it’s important that you join people who are in the same road to recovery as well. This is very important, especially for those who have already finished their stay at a sober living home. The reason why you need to be surrounded by like-minded people is to be able to stay on the right track no matter what happens. Sometimes, all you really need during the tough times are friends who can cheer you on and have the same goals as you are.

Do Something Exhilarating
A lot of people who miss the high are often surprised that the real world is much brighter, more fascinating, and has a lot more to offer than their old lives. If you’re starting to feel the monotony get to you, why not do exhilarating things like extreme sports (or play a match of good old tennis), backpacking through Europe, and hiking to the top of mountains? You might be surprised at the effect of seeing a sunrise through a different lens.

Always Have Something To Look Forward To
Sometimes, people give up because they feel that the future is bleak. This is why you have to have something to look forward to no matter what. You could perhaps book a flight a few months ahead, schedule an out of town trip with friends, or plan to visit a relative that you haven’t seen in the long run. People always benefit from knowing what lies ahead. Perhaps it’s an evolutionary coping mechanism (not knowing what lies ahead could’ve proven dangerous for earlier humans). Either way, always schedule something pleasant in advance so no matter how dull, bleak, or emotional things get, you can always have hope in your heart.