Dealing with Change

Recovering from substance or alcohol use can at times be tasking, stressful and very uncomfortable as it often means changing routines and even sometimes friends. Having fun in sober living may seem impossible. Such changes in your environment can be quite difficult to make because you will need to live a completely different life from one you are used to. However, the recovery process can be extremely interesting if you do each and every thing with a positive attitude as well as keep an open mind. It is actually easy to have fun in sober living.

During recovery, it is important to engage yourself, and have fun in sober living.  This will always make life much easier and more exciting. It’s that easy, just focus on fun in sobriety. Below are five ways to have fun in sober living.

1.) Organize a Sober party
Throw a sober party at your sober home (with permission of course) or whichever place you want and invite friends and relatives who would enjoy going to non – alcoholic, drug-free parties. Planning your own party will help you control yourself as well as avoid temptations. It’s good practice to start participating in some old activities with a new sober spin on them.

You can make your party more fun by making it a theme party and setting up various games and other entertainment stuff like music. To avoid any temptations, have the party outside for example in the backyard, or at a park.  Prepare beverages that are non – alcoholic and lastly keep yourself busy with various activities and conversation.

2.) Enroll yourself in a school
Find out what you enjoy and take up a class on it. For example, if you like music sign up for a music class. Learning new things is always fun and it helps fight boredom. You don’t have to go for a Master’s degree to attend college, you can do one or two classes at a time that will simply help you have fun in sober living while broadening your horizons.

3.) Join or form a meet-up group
Joining or organizing a meet up group occasionally will help you meet more sober people and thus share experiences. In addition to sharing experiences, you can engage in various activities together that are fun. These groups can be based off a sport or hobby/activity. It’s all about good clean fun in sober living.

4.) Look out for local events
Find out which events are happening around your area. Some of the events you can attend include comedy nights, art openings, movie premieres and many more. The important part is to not be afraid of trying something new and entering a different environment. This will help make new sober friends, and makes having fun in recovery easier.

5.) Exercise or train outside
Start working out often and if you can swim, find a swimming pool around your area. You can also engage in activities such as hiking or biking. Exercise is an important tool in keeping a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Let Us Help You Have Fun in Sober Living

With these activities and tips, you can have fun in sober living. Be proud of yourself as you go through the process and remain positive all the time. Finally, be open minded on the various opportunities that come with sober living. If you or a loved one is finding it difficult to have fun in sober living or in recovery in general let us help. Contact Casa Nuevo Vida today to discuss your future Sober Living options.