Yay! Today is my official 6 months! I just got back from church, I just love rejuvenating my soul and bringing me back to center. My higher power I have to thank in large parts for my sobriety. I am going to a meeting later to get my first 6 month chip. I have never made it this long, but thanks to the program I am at They helped me to do it! I just love our house manager Sheri over here at Casa, shes really the best I could ask for. She truly cares about me and the ladies here. Shes so dedicated to taking us to meeting and getting us into jobs and school. She teaches us how to be a productive member of society again. I want to thank Janel, Sheri, and David for keeping me up when I was down and thought I couldnt do it anymore. Have a wonderful day! The Sky Is The Limit!


Good Evening, Im really excited for tonight. Its my homegroup meeting and I get to take another 6 months there, Sheri is taking me there and my friends are meeting me there to support me. I feel very reborn at this stage of my recovery but I am not mistaken that this is only the beginning of my fresh start. I still feel great and very blessed. I just love recovery, I could not ever get this high on drugs. To anyone struggling happiness is around the corner if you just stick with it, I truly thought I couldnt have this normal, productive life again. I cant say how important 12 step meeting are, i didnt want to do the either but they are our medicine!!!! And whatever God you choose is your center! Many Blessings!