Stress can be a good or a bad thing. When it’s bad stress, you’ll need stress management activities to help relieve the pressure. Good stress allows you to quickly react to threats, such as jumping out of the way of an oncoming car. Good stress can also motivate you to study for an upcoming exam, because you feel the pressure to pass. The key to good stress is that once you’ve dealt with the stressor, your body returns to its normal state.

Good stress can become bad stress when you face stressers over and over that take a heavy toll and feel inescapable. Stress management activities can help you better control bad stress.

Stress Management Activities

When you’re experiencing bad stress, stress management activities can help relieve the pressure.

  • Deep breathing exercises.Include in your daily stress management activities a time for deep breathing. Numerous times a day, take slow, deep and even breaths.
  • Guided imagery.Concentrate on pleasant images to replace negative or stressful feelings. You can do this on your own, or have someone guide you through the process, such as a therapist.
  • Exercise Regularly.Simply walking 30 minutes each day can help boost your mood and reduce stress.
  • Gardening.Caring for a garden is one of the best stress management activities you can do, because it gets you outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine while you create more beautiful surroundings for you to enjoy.
  • Puzzles and Games.When you’re immersed in one the easiest stress management activities that’s portable, such as your favorite electronic game or puzzle, your mind is occupied. Concentrating on a puzzle or game takes the focus off the stressers in your life. It also increases your brain power.
  • Create Your Own Art.Include in your stress management activities a creative outlet such as drawing, painting, or coloring with pencils. Expressing yourself through art can help you process emotions through your creativity and provide distractions from stress.
  • Keeping A Journal.If you like to write, whether it’s keeping a daily journal or venturing into article or book writing, you’ll also have the benefit of adding an effective form of pressure relief to your list of stress management activities.

Stay Consistent

The stress management activities outlined here can be modified according to your lifestyle and preferences. The important thing is to do stress management activities on a regular basis to control stress.