The fact that you’re reading this means that you’re contemplating on putting your drinking problem to an end. Perhaps you’ve realized that alcohol is preventing you from becoming the person you want to be or it’s starting to take a toll on your relationships.

Whatever the reason, know that defeating your alcoholism is the right choice. Your renewal will mean a peaceful and meaningful life, not only for yourself, but also for the people important to you.

But becoming sober and staying that way can be a real challenge if you have little to no handy strategies at work. You’re probably already going through the 12 step recovery system, but if you need a little more push towards your recovery, consider these tips:

  • Get a Personal Adviser<br/ >
    Having someone dedicated to help you through the essential 12 steps goes a long way towards sobriety. Ideally, your sponsor should be the same gender as yours to prevent from getting emotionally attached when you’re most vulnerable.


  • Use the Calendar<br/ >
    Place it somewhere you’ll often see like your bathroom mirror or at the refrigerator, and mark off each day that you’re sober with a big red X. There’s nothing like seeing a whole week, a whole month or a whole year telling you how far you’ve gone.


  • Set Daily Goals with Mini Rewards<br/ >
    Figure out an important task each day towards your sober living journey, whether it’s attending an AA meeting or writing in your journal and reward yourself when you accomplish it. Incentives don’t have to be fancy. They can be simple as long as you enjoy them like an ice cream, a movie, or a massage.


  • Set Big Goals with Big Rewards<br/ >
    While simple incentives are motivating enough, bigger goals challenge you more and help you stay on track. Plan the vacation you’ve always wanted when you achieved 6 months of soberness or buy yourself a new gear for a hobby you love.


  • Keep a Journal<br/ >
    Write down all the positive things you notice when you’re sober. It could be the benefit of having more energy and being well-rested. Or perhaps you like that you’re able to spend quality time with your loved ones when you’re not intoxicated. The more vivid the description, the better.


  • Share the Good News<br/ >
    Find some supportive friends and family members to share your journey to get clean. Becoming sober is a big milestone in your life and it wouldn’t be as exciting if you can’t share the good news with others.


  • Get Involved in Service<br/ >
    There’s a something profound about giving yourself in service versus indulging yourself with harmful pleasures like alcohol. It gives a sense of purpose and teaches the joys of giving back to others. Keep in mind that service doesn’t have to feel like working for free. Instead, think of it as doing for others as others have done for you. Set up chairs and tables, greet newcomers or even help clean up after the meeting.


  • Spend Time with Inspirational Literature<br/ >
    Make it a daily habit to read and listen to something motivating. Read self-help books during your free time and listen to positive affirmations when doing chores. By cultivating a positive frame of mind, you’ll be contributing lots of favorable things towards your full recovery.


  • Don’t Give Up<br/ >
    Just because you stumble doesn’t mean you’re forever doomed. Many recovering addicts like you have gone through lots of setbacks before they fully recovered. So don’t lose hope. When you stumble, get help and move on. The important thing is to pick yourself up and try and try again. As you do, and as long as you have the right support system, it’s not impossible for you to forward and eventually reach complete sobriety.