For individuals suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, the fight with addiction is definitely a hard battle. Addiction can lead to a destructive lifestyle that will not only affect the individual but also the people around them. This is only one of the reasons why, recognizing addiction and taking the first step towards treatment is very important.

The continuous rise in the number of people using drugs or suffering from alcohol addiction is already at an alarming rate. However, with the number of sober living houses and programs available right now, finding the right one for you is not a problem anymore.

There are different types of addiction treatment programs. To those who don’t have any idea about addiction treatment programs, it is a consultation with a medical specialist in helping an individual determine the level of their addiction and the right treatment. The following are only some of the available options:

Outpatient Treatment Program
This type of treatment usually offers both individual and group counseling programs. People who’re suffering from drug addiction are asked to share their experiences in-group counseling programs.  Intervention programs with family members and close friends are also available. In an outpatient treatment setting, an individual will need to follow a specific schedule given to them by a medical specialist but they will not stay on a medical facility during the time of the treatment.

Long Term Inpatient Treatment Program
In this type of program, the person who’s addicted to either drug or alcohol is required to stay in a rehabilitation center or a health facility during the entire course of the program. The length of the program would range from a month up to a longer period of time. The length of the program will depend on the patient’s case and progress during the course of the treatment. Therapies are provided along with certain tasks that can help an individual recover from addiction and get their healthy life back. Since drug addiction tends to separate people from society, activities are provided in order for them to get re-acquainted with day-to-day normal life.

The cost of an in-patient program depends on the length of the treatment and the level of addiction case. Several recovery facilities are now changing their treatment approach by creating a more friendly and welcoming environment by having outdoor facilities such as pools and trails that patients can use.

Short Term Inpatient Treatment Program
Most of the short-term programs last for 10 to 15 days. Those who suffer from substance abuse enter into a short-term program as the first step towards recovery. Treatments are often structured and performed on a set schedule everyday. This may follow the widely used 12-step treatment program that serves as a step-by-step guide for patients towards full recovery.

Finding the right treatment program and facility is also very important. Several factors such as types of programs available, facilities and cost are usually considered.

Addiction may be a hard battle but anyone with the determination and strong-willed can win against it. The support of family members and loved ones also play a huge role in the process of rehabilitation.