Life after addiction rehab can be just as hard as life in rehab. It’s important for those on the road of recovery to be surrounded by supportive people and environments. Fortunately, America contains a handful of cities that are known for being sober-friendly. These cities tend to have large populations of people recovering from an addiction. Therefore, there are many more options for support group times and settings. Here’s a look at five American cities touted for best sober living support.

Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach is located in south-eastern Florida, an area considered a mecca for folks undergoing addition recovery. Situated on the beautiful Florida coast in Palm Beach County, Delray Beach has over 5,000 residents attending 12-step meetings every week. There’s also a plethora of halfway houses and recovery radio shows. Delray Beach even has a sober motorcycle club.

Los Angeles, California

This may seem strange, considering the city’s association with the party lifestyle. However, Los Angeles and Orange County are thought of as the sobriety epicenter of the west coast. Over 3,000 12-step meetings take place every week and there are a multitude of recreational activities to take advantage of. Having fun and engaging options for sober entertainment significantly helps the recovery process.

The Twin Cities

Minneapolis and St. Paul are recognized for their acceptance of, and knowledge about, addiction diseases. Hazelden is only a short hour north of the cities. This area has been dubbed “The Land of 1,000 Treatment Centers,” which allows recovering addicts to find a place just right for their needs.

Houston, Texas

This Texan city is known for its multitude of 12-step club houses. These club houses provide a sober social atmosphere for recovering addicts. Building quality friendships is a wonderful form of support for sober living. The Houston area also has over 600 meetings every week.

New York City, New York

Like Los Angeles, this may surprise a lot of people. Yet, “the city that never sleeps” is also home to a large and vibrant recovering population. With 4,000 weekly meetings and an infinite supply of quality entertainment, New York City meets the social and cultural needs of many people on the journey of sober living.