Playa del Rey is a coastal neighborhood of Los Angeles. Celebrated for its picturesque dunes, nearby wetland terrain, and gorgeous beach views, it’s an attractive place to visit, but it’s also proving to be a healthful place to live and get sober. If you’re looking for Los Angeles sober living, Casa Nuevo Vida is a gender-specific facility designed to support men and women on their quest to achieve long-term sobriety.

Benefits of Sober Living Communities

A person suffering from substance addiction doesn’t merely endure detox and emerge cured. Recovery from addiction or a serious substance abuse problem requires time, counseling, and changes in lifestyle. While intensive therapy can help people start their recovery journey, spending time in a sober living community is where their healing story can begin.

A Los Angeles sober living community like Casa Nuevo Vida provides a safe living space where recovering individuals can practice warding off the triggers that led them to abuse alcohol or drugs and develop life changes that can support their life of sobriety.

Los Angeles Sober Living at Casa Nuevo Vida

Casa Nuevo Vida features a relaxed sober living beach house setting where guest can participate in meetings and workshops, engage in healthful activities, and make lifestyle changes that support recovery and long-term sobriety. Together with mentors and peers, recovering individuals can begin their healing journey before returning to their lives and former homes.

With its incredible location near beaches, hiking trails, and other pristine natural settings, recovering individuals will find their individual path to sober living in a community neighboring Los Angeles.

Whether you’ve attempted to kick your drug or alcohol habit many times in the past or you are trying to end your dependency on addictive substances for the first time, consider transitional living options at Casa Nuevo Vida of Playa del Rey. The setting is naturally breathtaking, the staff is caring and knowledgeable, and the activities are designed to promote health, well-being, and long-term recovery.