There are areas throughout the United States where healthcare is at its best. While many states are increasing their funding for addiction treatment programs, the best region in the U.S. for addiction treatment and aftercare remains Southern California.

While high-quality addiction treatment is available in other regions of the U.S., you will be hard-pressed to find more acclaimed centers for addiction treatment than in the areas surrounding Southern Californian cities like Los Angeles and San Diego. If you are looking for help for a substance use disorder, get to know the addiction treatment centers and sober living communities of Southern California.

Why Should You Get Professional Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment is essential if you are unable to stop using alcohol, illicit drugs or prescription drugs without experiencing withdrawal symptoms, or if substance use is having a negative impact on your life.

Addiction is a disease that cannot be cured, but it can be successfully managed and sent into remission. The first step to managing an addiction is to undergo medical detox at a certified drug and alcohol detox center, and then follow the prescribed treatment regimen. Medical detox helps people to safely overcome their physical reliance on drugs or alcohol, but further therapy is needed to address the powerful behavioral and psychological dependencies that underlie substance addiction.

When you receive care within the best region in the U.S. for addiction treatment and aftercare, you can learn to successfully manage this chronic condition that can profoundly damage your physical and mental health if left untreated.1

Why Is Aftercare Important?

Southern California is the best region in the U.S. for addiction treatment and aftercare because of the high-quality facilities and sober living communities located throughout the region. Too often, intensive inpatient or outpatient addiction therapy simply isn’t enough time for those in early recovery to get used to life without alcohol or drugs.2 Aftercare offers the opportunity to practice strategies for dealing with triggers and coping with cravings.

Living in one of Southern California’s sober living communities is an effective way to prevent relapse. Some popular aftercare programs like 12-step programs, ongoing individual therapy and even restorative yoga can help those in recovery from addiction to meet their long-term sobriety goals.

Get to Know the Best Region in the U.S. for Addiction Treatment and Aftercare

Southern California features nationally renowned centers for addiction treatment, making it the best region in the U.S. for addiction treatment and aftercare. When looking for a Southern California addiction treatment center, select one that is certified and provides evidence-based treatments for addiction.

The best addiction treatment centers will also offer aftercare programming and ideally even sober living facilities where recovering individuals can reside for a period of time in order to rebuild their lives in a sober setting. With its sunny weather and high-quality treatment centers, Southern California is a great place to begin your recovery journey.

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, check out some of Southern California’s high-quality addiction treatment centers. Don’t let drugs and alcohol ravish your health, relationships and career any further. Take the steps you need to and get help today.