Are you looking for an upscale sober living facility? You don’t need to look any further than Casa Nuevo Vida’s Beach House. Let me tell you about my amazing experience there.After finishing my inpatient program I knew I was not ready to go to my home environment. I was looking at the potential to relapse. My friends and lifestyle would make it extremely difficult to stay sober and one slip would waste all the efforts of my program. My counselor recommended that I go to a transitional living facility for two months to garner strength and to be in a support system that will prepare me well for my journey ahead. I must admit that I was hesitant at first because I had heard horror stories from some people I met in rehab. A lot of sober living houses cater to those on a budget which meant run down rooms, poor surroundings and overall just a depressing environment.  I did not want go somewhere like that if I ever wanted a chance at a good transition. I wanted and needed a safe and relaxed environment to get the most of transitioning. Fortunately for me, one of my counselors told me about Casa Nuevo Vida’s Playa del Rey Beach House. After serious thought, I decided to give it a visit. It was the best decision I could have made!

The Beach House was more than I could have imagined. Beginning with waking up each morning across the street from the beach was amazing. Just a few steps away from the house I was surrounded by the beautiful ocean! Because we were so close to the beach there was never a shortage of fun things to do. The house had bicycles, boogie boards, surf boards, and — for those of us who liked physical activity there were volleyball courts and jogging paths. The location near Ballona Creek was great for bird watching and hiking. Being close to the outdoors made it easy for me to concentrate on what I wanted- to stay sober.

The inside of the transitional living space is just as amazing as the outside. The staff is unbelievable. Janel and David (the owners) were there to make sure we had everything we needed. It was like living at a “sober resort”.   Our dinners were prepared by our own personal chef in a professional kitchen.  We can even request special foods from the chef. The food was out of this world, and the chef made sure to accommodate all the guests’ dietary needs from gluten-free to vegan. The rooms were just what I was looking for and desperately needed. You can request a room with a private bath and balcony if you prefer your privacy.

The house has some great amenities right on site. There is a rooftop patio with lounging areas where they had a ping pong table which we all spent a lot of fun times. There is even an outdoor movie theater which was always a fun treat. The gorgeous fountains, fire pit, and meditation garden drew me back into a feeling of peace, serenity and contentment whenever I was having a rough day.

MOST importantly was the focus on our sobriety.  We went to daily AA meetings and each week we had interesting speakers at our house meetings to help us navigate our new life of sobriety. Since family relationships are extremely vital at Casa Nuevo Vida, there were many opportunities to improve our communications with loved ones. The meetings about learning to live in the real world were my favorite. In fact, although originally I planned to stay only 30 days I ended up staying for 3 months. I am so glad I did!  Some of my housemates have even been here for over two years!!

Casa Nuevo Vida helped plant me firmly on the road to a lifetime of sobriety. I tell everyone that this is the best transitional living facility in California! If you are looking for a high end sober facility give the Beach House a visit. You are well worth it!