Messing up your life with drugs could spell the end of the image that you tried to build. People will begin to doubt you which could be heartbreaking most especially if you are one who has finally come to your senses and wanted to totally undergo change.

On the other hand, if you are bent on letting go of your addiction, those scrutinizing eyes would soon alter their tones and turn into favorable expressions. Soon enough, you will see yourself plying the streets with people looking at you, not in disdain but with fervent hope.

Ignite the Will

Determination is easy to pronounce but hard to sustain. It is where other reforming addicts have failed and it is first thing that dies down on a person who has nobody to support his efforts. In addition to this, if the will to amend a lifestyle is present, a clear cut plan on how to stay away from the past habits must also be at hand.

Here are some examples of situations that may tempt a promising reformer to back out:

  • Inability to filter friends: It’s all right to have friends; who says that you can’t have any? These are people whom you can call allies in times of tribulations and can also serve as buffers in times of problems. However, if some of them have offered you good things, some of them can also lead you to commit social issues; thus, this is what you have to steer clear of.

  • Self-motivation is half-baked: There has to be 100% commitment to a promise in order to get a desirable result out of your efforts. Once you go through a phase that is not quite good in the eyes of other people or society as a whole, the most common perception is finding yourself doing what is right as a sign of correcting the mistakes you have done in the past. Nothing comes out positive if self-motivation runs 50 percent short.

  • No focus on the real scenario: There should be only one direction when planning for a change and that is to go directly towards your goal; no side trips, no diversions. Simply put, you can enter a sober living community and stay there for a certain period to get acclimated with a whole lot of new stuff that normal citizens do.

  • Recovery plan is short term: Planning for a long term recuperation means giving your best shot in every step you have to undergo. Get things done little by little but in a surer way, rather than being hasty. Blunders can surface when there is too much eagerness to finish a recovery program.

Think About Family

Let your family be the core of your attempt at transformation. These are people who care about you whom you may have taken for granted. Accepting the fact that you have committed something disappointing towards your brood is a good start. Forgiveness can then be achieved after real change is seen in your character.

Catching up with family members can take a little while but there is plenty of time to do that. Don’t let hesitation cut through your purpose. You already know that you have lost a lot of time in dealing with matters so now is the time for making up for the loss.

Act on the aim freely and use the best strategy which is communication or is there any other way you think that proves to be more advantageous? The following are some helpful measures you can start practicing on your last few your days at a transition house.

  • Review each family member’s character – Knowing how to handle each family member means getting to know who they are inside and out. Analyze their traits or behavior since the beginning of time or from the point that you can recall. Years may have changed their habits too and you have forgotten to take notice of that.

  • Find ways on how you can talk to each of them privately or collectively – You can either find some quiet time to talk things over with the kids or your spouse or you may opt to face them altogether. There are a variety of means that you can use to share your thoughts with them but you have to take it slow. Never force yourself with getting things done in an instant.

  • Get to the bottom of things – Ask if there are some issues that bother them and try to solve each with the help of some members. Getting them involved with problem solving is a great way to secure the bond. Another wise move is to look for some relationship snags from time to time so as not to make matters worse in the long run.

  • Plan weekend events – Weekends can be used to renew or revitalize family links. Make it a point of asking for full attendance. It is also a wise alternative to invite other relatives to create a wider chain of relations. With such move, nothing is left of your time to stray away from familiar grounds.

  • Reclaim your role as one of the pillars of your home – With you back on track, nothing can harm your home. Be the role model for everyone to emulate. Take care of that image and remind yourself that not everyone is given that chance. You must think that you are lucky to have been forgiven by these people who have lost you to drug addiction once.

Life is full of ups and downs as a cliché goes, but we are left with the sole responsibility of choosing which way to go. No one stands as invincible and that includes you! Challenges would appear in front of you dressed up in different forms and could test your strength as a person.

Kudos to whoever invented the word ‘overcome’ as it gave individuals the opportunity of triumphing over the difficult phases of life. Nothing is without a solution for people who are highly capable of making things possible.