Hi everybody!… Today is a good day, clean and sober still! I never thought this could happen for me so it can happen for everyone struggling. It really is one day at a time. I pray every morning to my high power to not let me drink or use for the day. Then I thank him at the end of every night! Tomorrow I am leaving to visit New York for the first time since I have been sober. I am so excited to see my son! We had a great visit together when he came here about a month ago. I am a real mommy again and it feels so good! Dominic has his mommy back! I am going to surprise him; I got him a leap frog computer game to get him use to using a computer device. I have a week full of sober activities with friends in NA from back home. I am excited to show them that I have some time together for once! I couldn’t put more than 60 days together back home. I felt like such a failure. It is so relieving to show everyone that I am back to DeAnna, and not some ghost of her. My brother’s girlfriend got her hairstyling license so I am going to let her do my hair, we will see how this goes. I am also going to link up with my son’s dad and do some family therapy so we can cordially raise our son together from a distance. Well I am off to bed. I have to be up at 3:30am!! Many Blessings…. DeAnna