Good Evening, today was a stressful day figuring out my next move after sober living. Im sad that it is almost time to be on my own. Today I had to figure out flights for going back to New York for the holidays. I am excited but sad to leave LA. I need the time to heal wounds with my family and get close to my son again. He is going to be 4 in December, time is going so fast. I cant wait to be a mom again. My friend in NA picked me up today to look for Halloween costumes. This will be the first Halloween I go out for in 5 years. I am looking forward to doing it sober. I have a nice circle of friends in the program they are very supportive, I just love being around them. This is what this is about. Building a support network in the program is so important. Remember women stick with the women and men stick with the men. I wasnt a fan of this idea at first being that I was a girl that always hung out with the guys and played sports with them. I have learned in the program to trust other women and that they really want the best for me and my recovery.


Happy Halloween. I hope everyone has a safe sober Halloween. Tonight I am going to a sober Halloween party (Red Bulls served only). I think that is so cute. Im not sure we have anything like that in New York, well at least in upstate New York we dont. I am going with friends from NA. I am also going to check out Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, I heard it is quite the sight to see. I really love being sober I still cant believe I know what its like to be high on life. I feel so bad for my son, I dont know if he can trick or treat because hes in New York. That storm devistated me. I have so much family in New York and New Jersey. I cant believe the Jersey Shore is gone I grew up there. This is the end of an era! With God everything will be okay I firmly believe that. If you put faith in your Higher Power, he will come through for you!