The holiday season is one that involves many parties and other festivities. Those parties and festivities might include alcohol, but that doesn’t mean that you have to drink the alcohol or be tempted by it. There are several things you can do to help increase your chance of successfully staying sober this holiday season.

1. Scrutinize the events

While many of the events for the holiday will include alcohol in some capacity, weeding out the events that are based on alcohol will help you to remain sober. A party at a nightclub wouldn’t be a good activity for you since you are trying to stay sober; however, a party at a restaurant that just happens to serve alcohol might be something you could handle. If your friends and family members know that you are sober living, they will likely understand that you should stay away from certain situations.

2. Plan for alternatives to alcohol

If you do end up going to a party that includes some alcohol, find out in advance if there will be alternatives. If the party includes special markings or wristbands for people who aren’t yet 21 years old, ask if you can receive the mark or wristband. If people who are of age to drink are given a wristband at the door, find out if you can decline that wristband.

3. Volunteer as a designated driver

No matter what party you are going to, volunteer to get your friends home safe if you have your drivers’ license. Knowing that other people are going to depend on your sobriety to get them home might motivate you to keep up your sober living lifestyle. As a bonus, some places give free non-alcoholic beverages to designated drivers. Be sure to ask if there are any perks for being the designated driver.

4. Take a buddy with you

Having a sober buddy that you can talk to during the event and who can help to keep you accountable can be a big help. Make sure that the buddy you choose is one who isn’t afraid to tell you that you can’t have a drink. You don’t want to choose someone who will give in to your demands for alcohol.

5. Call a support person

If all else fails and you find yourself in a desperate situation, call your support person for help. The support person might be able to help you work through the temptations or may even stop by to give you an in-person boost. Your support people agreed to help you, so don’t feel bad about taking advantage of that help when you need it.

The holiday season is a rough time to get through when you are new to sober living. It is vital that you make a concerted effort to stay sober throughout the season.