Staying busy and partaking in fun social activities are important when you’re going through the addiction recovery process. Boredom can cause an unintentional temptation to drink or use drugs. Life after rehab presents many challenges and some of these are easily dealt with by making good friends and having fun together. Check out these creative ideas for sober social outings.

Visit a museum

Museums come in a variety of categories, including art, science and history. Exploring local museums with a group of friends is a perfect way to have fun and learn new things. This activity engages the mind and emotions in a safe and inspiring environment. Visiting a museum could even inspire you to do something creative, which is great since healthy independent hobbies are also important for sober living.

Plan a game night

Bust the board games out of the closet and set out some snacks with soda or juice. Invite your best friends over for a witty and humorous time. There’s a huge selection of adult board games out there and alcohol is not required to play. You can also go old-school and play charades with hand-written ideas from all attendees. If your friends share love for a specific game, set up a weekly tournament with silly prizes.

Go to the movies

Except for a few fancy places, most movie theaters don’t serve alcohol since it’s a family environment. With so many genres of movies available, it’s easy to find something that’s entertaining. If blockbuster hits aren’t your thing, see if your city has an independent movie theater.

Plan a group dinner

Set up a rotating host schedule between you and your friends for a weekly or monthly dinner night. The host can be responsible for providing the main course and guests can bring side dishes and non-alcoholic beverages. Another option is to invite a few people over and prepare a meal together. If you and your friends aren’t into cooking, plan a regular dinner at your favorite place. You could also do a restaurant challenge and try a new place to eat every week.

Go shopping

This one is more for the sober ladies out there, but the gentlemen can partake, too. Grab your girlfriends and head to the mall just like the old days. Try things on, do fitting room runway shows and help each other build more confidence.