Although many individuals who are recovering from a substance addiction choose to avoid parties and other venues where alcohol or other addictive substances can be found, there comes a point when many wish to resume their social lives completely sober. A sober party experience can be a positive experience. It helps to make a mental checklist and to arrive prepared to combat possible triggers in order to enjoy yourself without falling back into old patterns that could lead to relapse.

Bring Your Own Beverage

It’s not a sober party if only alcohol beverages are being served. Therefore, it’s important to come prepared with something you want to and enjoy drinking. When you have something you enjoy drinking, you can better enjoy the sober party experience. You can even get creative by bringing your own supplies to make mocktails. Keeping your non-alcoholic beverage full will also keep overly helpful guests from asking questions or offers for re-fill.

Bring along a Sober Friend

Many people find it difficult to be around other people who are drinking when they choose not to participate. If you’re attending a party where there’s going to be a lot of indulging, it can be helpful to bring along a sober friend so there is someone to hang out with if the party gets too rowdy. If it bothers you to be the only person not drinking, then hanging out with someone who also doesn’t care to drink can enhance your sober party experience.

Focus on the Purpose

Some people in recovery find it easier to attend parties where drinking is going on if they stay focused on the purpose of the event. It might be a party to reconnect with old friends. It might be a family reunion or a poker party. Instead of thinking about what you’re not drinking, try to focus on why you’re attending the event in the first place.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have an exit strategy in place. If you become uncomfortable for any reason, its okay to set boundaries and leave. When you’re recovering from an addiction, you have to prioritize what’s most healthful for you. If your sober party turns out to be a disappointment or difficult in some way, feel free to leave. Have a ready excuse so that you can easily get away and maintain your recovery journey.