For tips to stay sober during the holidays, please don’t forget to check out our previous blog posts.

Just because you are a recovering alcoholic does not mean that you have to restrict yourself from all the good things that this season is offering. Yes, there are parties to attend. And yes, alcohol may be served but if you have a solid plan for keeping sober, no temptation – not even if it comes one after the other – can shatter your resolve to give up drinking for good.

Of course, this is not to say that you can expect the craving to just magically go away or that the universe will suddenly make it easier for you to enjoy Christmas without alcohol in your bloodstream. Your attitude towards this whole thing will dictate whether you’ll have a jolly good time this season or not. Having a merry little Christmas and letting your heart be light can go hand in hand with not drinking and finding other things to keep you happy. It’s all up to you if you’ll allow your troubles to interfere with your plan to enjoy the holidays or if you will fully embrace the joys that this season brings and keep the ghosts of your Christmases past out of sight.

From everyone here at Casa Nuevo Vida, we wish you all a merry alcohol-free Christmas and a happy sober New Year!