If you’re actively recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, you’ll be well aware of the most important elements in a successful recovery plan. Active participation in sober living support groups, drug treatment, medical detox and a solid program for aftercare are the foundations to a successful recovery. While these are essential components, they are meaningless when it comes to long-term recovery unless you adopt a grateful attitude. It is vital that you fully understand the true meaning of gratitude and the way to incorporate it in your life following addiction rehab.

The importance of gratitude to your recovery

Gratitude is an expression of thankfulness and an attitude of appreciation in regards to benefits received. By practising gratitude, you have the chance to experience happiness in its purest form. You genuinely appreciate everything in your life and do not dwell on your past or the things you do not have.

In addition to the benefits being grateful has on sober living, it is also good for the soul and body. Feelings of joy and optimism are given a boost, while depression and anxiety are suppressed. Gratefulness does wonders for the immune system, allows you to sleep better and reduces blood pressure. Remaining grateful during addiction recovery makes it easy to take care of yourself on the most basic level, which is very important to working your recovery program.

Ways to practice gratefulness

One way to maintain an attitude of gratefulness during recovery is with a gratitude journal. Each day, make it a point to write down a few things for which you are grateful. It is important to do this especially on the days you really don’t feel up to it.

Meditation throughout the recovery process is a wonderful way to stay focused on the all-important here and now. It allows you to concentrate on the present, which will help pave the way to a sober home and successful recovery. There are a number of different techniques that you can try. Many addiction rehab programs teach focused breathing and coping skills, which you can incorporate into your daily meditation. It only takes 10 to 15minutes a day to reap the benefits of mindful meditation.

Addiction recovery is packed full of opportunities and will provide you with several reasons to be grateful. Make sure you focus on such opportunities and refrain from dwelling on the past and the time you spent as an addict. This will ensure your recovery continues to move forward and you will be less prone to fall back into your old habits.