Why is complacency a negative thing in the first place? Well, for one thing, complacency lures you into thinking that everything’s okay and everything will turn out okay regardless of what you do. The thing is that the road to recovery requires hard work and enthusiasm. It’s not unlike training for a marathon. Every step counts, every little thing you do will add up to the bigger picture. Complacency will lure you into a place that says, ‘hey, it’s just one drink, it’s okay’ or ‘you can start again tomorrow’. Simply put, complacency is the shortcut to relapse. And if you don’t ever want to relapse, you really have to be on alert.

Always Be On The Lookout For Signs of Complacency
People have different personalities, routines, and methods for keeping sober. But there are a few universal signs that could mean you’re starting to become complacent. If you’re starting to feel restless, negative, and out of touch with reality, you might be starting to get complacent. Signs of complacency may differ from one individual to another so the best thing you can do is to be vigilant all the time.

How to Stay Vigilant
Recovery is a daily process. It’s the little steps that take you to a better place, a better life. So make sure that everyday, you make a habit of re-telling your goals, reminding yourself of what you want out of life, and finding ways to improve your current situation. Remember that life is tough and it’s even tougher for the people who are striving hard. For some people, learning how to deal with stress is a very important part of their daily routines. And in order to reduce stress, they meditate. But for some people, meditation won’t work. So if you find that some things (like meditation, yoga, or pilates) don’t work for you, it’s okay. Just find something else that can help you stay on track.

Be Kind To Yourself
Always be kind to yourself. Be on the lookout for negativity whether in the workplace or in your own thoughts. Keep a daily journal or always have something to look forward to in the morning, and think of something that you’re happy/grateful about before hitting the sack.

Assume That You’re Starting to Become Complacent
Sometimes, assuming a negative future can actually spur you into positive action. So in this case, it’s okay to assume that you’re starting to be lax with your daily routines. This way, you’ll actually be more motivated than if you did otherwise. Assuming that you’re just one step away from complacency can really help you be vigilant and avoid complications in the future. But if you find that something else works for you, then that’s okay too.