Children hold their parents in very high regard. If you happen to become a victim of alcohol addiction, it will likely traumatize your kids. If you admit your problem and seek help in an addiction rehab center, you will be on your way to repairing the broken relationship with your children. As you go about the addiction recovery process, you need to talk to your kids to make them understand what is happening in your life. Although your condition may have scarred them emotionally, you should do your best to help them in the healing process.

How to discuss addiction recovery with your children

Use age-appropriate language

If you have kids of different age groups, it is best to talk to them separately. The conversation you have with your teenage daughter should be different from the one you have with your five-year-old son. It is easy to tell the younger one that you are learning to become a better parent after a hard time. But you can tell your teenage daughter that you are in the process of dealing with an alcoholism problem and also that you need her support.

Find the right timing

Since children are sensitive, the timing of the talk is critical. It is best to talk to kids when they are not distracted by anything else and in a manner that will help them understand that you are taking steps towards sober living.

Listen to the child and acknowledge

Considering that the child has suffered as a result of your actions, it is a good idea to validate their experience. After the child opens up, make sure that you assure them that you will not go down that road again.

Make it clear that it is not their fault

One of your kids may have taken your alcoholism in a bad way and assumed that they are the reason. You need to make them understand that it is not their fault but yours.

Encourage dialogue

When speaking to your child or children, it is a good idea to ask open-ended questions so that you can gather what is on their mind. It is only through dialogue that you will be able to restore your relationship. Talking freely with your kids will help you to maintain sober living in California.

Although you cannot turn back the clock, letting your children know that you are sorry for the hurt you caused them is a good first step towards normalizing relations.