A substance addiction can take up an extraordinary amount of time each day. Once an individual enters treatment and begins their recovery journey, they may have newly earned free time and need things to do sober. It’s important to set yourself up for success when recovering. Having plenty of positive things to do sober will help you maintain your new lifestyle and commitment to sober living. The following are some examples of good sober activities that can benefit your day-to-day experience.


It might seem obvious to focus on work, but it can be healthful to spend extra time in support of your career. If you’re not working or in a job you don’t care for, use some of your time to focus on a new career path. If your job is stressful and has contributed to your drinking or drug abuse problems, it makes even more sense to use your time to find a new way to make a living.


Volunteering some of your time each week to a worthy organization or cause can help you meet new people in positive settings. From your local Humane Society to religious organizations, volunteering experiences allow you to help your community while enhancing your own personal growth within a new group of people.


Focusing on your fitness is a worthy way to spend time as you recover. Exercise can benefit both your physical and mental health. You can find a fitness class or program that’s ideal for your level at area gyms, community centers, or local fitness business. Consider attending yoga class a few times a week or taking up jogging as a way to support your fitness and keep your mind on your health. However, you don’t have to join a gym to participate in regular hikes, or bike rides. Other community athletics groups can also provide a positive opportunity for exercise.

Find a New Hobby

When filling up your day, its important to include activities that make you feel good. Consider starting a new hobby, something you’ve always wanted to try like sewing or mountain biking. Taking a class to support your new pastime as you learn the ropes is also a great way to learn about the hobby while also adapting to your new schedule. It’s also a wonderful time to take up old hobbies that may have been pushed to the side during substance abuse.

When you provide structure for your day and have plenty of things to do sober, you’re less likely to succumb to boredom and its possible temptations. When you have a full schedule of healthy activities to do, you can more easily keep your recovery and your life on track.