We all have our addictions. Some are simply addicted to getting their caffeine or sugar fix while some crave for more destructive, illegal substances. Regardless of a person’s poison of choice, real sobriety in this day and age is so hard to attain. It seems that everyone can turn into addicts nowadays. There is the presence of Internet addicts and shopping addicts. Even if it’s not a substance, experts claim that you can get addicted to it the same way that a person can get addicted to cocaine or alcohol. So are we simply a society of fear? Are we simply afraid of “addiction”? The thing is, real addiction (the debilitating, destructive type) is what we’re most afraid of. It ruins family, relationships and prevents new friendships from forming. Not to mention that it prevents a person from becoming who he really wants to become. Simply put, an addict will have a hard time functioning in a world like ours. So how should a person recovering in a sober living home strive to live a “normal” day without the aid of various substances?

First things first, we only say “a whole day of sobriety” because the struggle to become sober for good is an everyday struggle. Just because a few weeks or even months have passed, it doesn’t mean that a person will never relapse. A lot of health experts recommend that a person in recovery should savor each day of sobriety instead of thinking too far ahead in the future.

Plan Ahead
With the future in mind, it’s important to note that making a plan and sticking to it is a great way to spend a whole day of sobriety. It can help a person discover potential roadblocks or temptations that he/she can avoid with the help of careful planning. A whole day of sobriety, even though it is planned, can still be exciting for anyone.

Start the Day Right

A cheap takeout for breakfast isn’t going to do anybody any favors. It sets the tone for a dull and dreary day instead of a day full of fun and exciting energy. So as cliché as this sounds, eating a balanced breakfast is essential for a great day of sobriety.

Craft A Plan B, C, or D
When something goes awry, you should always have a backup plan. If you’re supposed to go somewhere but someone decides to cancel at the last minute, then you should simply opt for option B. Some people find that boring or downtimes are the most tempting part of the day. This is why a Plan B is a great way to avoid vacant times and to get the most out of your day.

The Three R’s
Relax, reward, and recollect. It’s a tough part of your life. You should prioritize yourself and learn to relax. Don’t feel guilty indulging in a massage or anything that you can consider a reward (a luxury chocolate bar, perhaps?). And when night rolls in and you’ve done everything you wish to do, take time to recollect your thoughts and ponder on everything your mind touches. No topic is taboo. Take the time to think things through and to let out a sigh of relief and gratitude because, hey, you made it through another day!