Addiction recovery is a difficult process, one that will be made easier if you have the support of your family and your close friends. You may not know how to start a conversation with your loved ones about your sobriety, especially if you have only recently entered addiction rehab. Talking about your addiction and your goals to become sober can be an emotionally trying experience, but we can offer you these guidelines which might make it easier:

1. Be honest

Being honest with your loved ones is crucial when asking for their support. Substance abuse usually carries with it other unscrupulous behaviors like lying and deception. Making a commitment to be honest with those you care about is part of your recovery. If they see that you are honest, they will see that you are trying to get better.

2. Make amends

Part of recovering from your addiction is making amends to those whom you have harmed. If you need to ask for the support of someone whom you have harmed in the past, be sure to offer them an apology first. Admit your flaws, and assert your commitment to getting better.

3. Ask for what you need

Your loved ones may not know what kind of support they need to offer you to help you in your addiction recovery. It’s best to be as clear and direct with them as possible. Tell them that you need them to abstain from alcohol when they spend time with you. Tell them that you will be unable to attend family or friend gatherings with alcohol. If they truly care about you, they will give you what you need.

4. Be prepared to let people go

If your loved ones are unwilling to give you the support that you need, you may need to accept the fact that you cannot be close to them anymore. If they cannot abide by your boundaries, they cannot live within your circle. In order to maintain sober living, you need to surround yourself with people who will help you, not hinder you, in achieving that goal.