Hi… This is DeAnna Salamone from VH1’s Rehab with Dr. Drew show. As of today I have 5 months sober off all mood altering chemicals. I am currently living at the Casa Nuevo Vida house in Cheviot Hills California. Seeing me in such a horrible state on

TV is really interesting now that I have a lot of clarity. It’s amazing the life sobriety can give you if you just do the next right thing. I go to a 12 step meeting everyday and am involved in the church. I am free. I can breathe easy again. I am gainfully employed and feel like a productive member of society again. I feel long term treatment is vital to recovery. Getting sober is a “we” thing, it cannot be done alone. I have real friends today and I am in the process of cleaning of the wreckage of my past. The treatment team at Casa Nuevo Vida is great! Alot of love and support here. It’s like a family between the 3 men’s houses and our women’s house. Today we are going to the Ricki Lake show, this should be interesting, and I have never been to something like this. A friend of mine works security there so he got us tickets. I’m so excited about sobriety and grateful for another day sober. Life is good and God is good.