Back in 2010, Lindsay Lohan was reported to have checked into a sober house in West Hollywood, California. This was some days before she was set to go to jail for violating the terms of her probation, which included attending alcohol education classes. Apparently, as some gossip blogs would have us believe, the sober home thing wasn’t really a serious attempt at overcoming her obvious problems. Many believed that it was just a ploy to avoid jail time, which perhaps may have been suggested by her lawyer. What we do know today, however, is that Lohan – had she considered really staying in a sober house Los Angeles – would have benefitted from a transitional living program that takes into account her unique situation. After all, she’s not the first celebrity to have battled an addiction and unfortunate as it may be, she won’t be the last to fall prey to the evils of drugs and alcohol.

Sober living benefits: a review

Anyone who has gone for treatment in a rehab facility knows how difficult it is to go back to the real world after such a structured way of living. A sober house Los Angeles in this case, could help a recovering addict or alcoholic reinforce the principles he has learned while in treatment and develop life skills that would be useful when he wants to transition back into society.

Among the many benefits of staying in a sober house Los Angeles is the freedom to practice sobriety while enjoying the support of other residents who understand thoroughly the struggles that you are facing. Also, within a sober living facility, you can take advantage of a serene environment that lets you focus on your sobriety efforts while you are trying to regain a sense of normalcy (read: a life without drugs or alcohol). Here, you can explore areas of your life that you have neglected because of drug use or alcohol abuse and enrich these aspects through housework, fitness and social interactions, and other activities, as specified in the sober home’s transitional living program.

Finding help

If you are looking for a sober house Los Angeles for yourself or a loved one, there are directories of quality residences that offer peer-based recovery support services for addicts and alcoholics who may or may not have come from a rehab center. Remember to set an appointment so you can survey the facilities and amenities of the place and to know more about the transitional living program offered and if it is gender-specific or not. For more information, please visit