Wise people say that a person’s true character is revealed when faced with adversity. Having gone through a challenging period during your addiction recovery program, you are keen to move your life forward having proven to be a tough person. If your previous career may have contributed to your alcoholism problem, it is best to learn a new skill to start life afresh. Since you have embraced sober living, you need all the help you can get to make it.

How to learn a new skill fast as you recover from alcohol addiction:

Assess your capabilities

Before you embark on learning a new skill, it is a good idea to evaluate your capacity to handle the new task. Although it is not mandatory to do something related to your previous career, it helps if you have an aptitude for the new skill.

Test your progress every step of the way

The only way you can tell how well you are proceeding with the training is by testing your progress. If you have a trainer, ask them to examine you after every stage to ensure that you are making satisfactory progress. Considering that you have just completed addiction rehab, you may be prone to forgetting things. This absent-minded state is natural at such a time; the best approach is to reinforce the lessons through regular revision. If you find that you are having difficulties grasping a concept, do not be too hard on yourself. Exercise a lot of patience and you will soon get it.

Study related topics together and remember to take notes

If you are learning a new language or any other skill, you could try to learn connected topics at the same time. For example, if you choose to learn how to become a tour guide, you can combine speaking the new language with customer service skills. And no matter how easy or interesting the topic seems, always take notes for future reference.

Be curious

If you want to perform beyond your expectations, you need to be curious about new things. When someone instructs you to do something, always ask the reason behind it. Being open-minded will give you a chance to become a better student.