If a rehab experience may have come to you as a thunderbolt, haven’t you thought that its aftermath which draws you several steps closer to total recovery is quite upsetting as well? A lot of people surmised that recovery from a certain type of addiction is far more daunting than the rehab process itself. It is indeed a huge assignment that has to be done with the help of professionals.

Can a person rely on himself alone in going through this difficult stage? There is expertise to think about and follow-through processes are only known to individuals who have specialized in healing former addicts. Professional guidance best describes the key to long term recuperation and this we can achieve through patience, hope and family.

Living in a different community

Try this one for size! Coming from a serious rehabilitation program, you aren’t sure yet that you are ready to face the world, right? Why not stay in a sober living home that can prepare you to face society and its strict conditions? Surely, you would go for it and agree with experts that every recovering addict must have ample time to convalesce emotionally and mentally; regardless of having been cured chemically.

Here are a few things that you can expect in this type of community:

  1. Peaceful ambiance: Lots of time to ponder on your past life—future included.

  2. Sane counseling: Certified therapists are with you 24/7. Where else would you seek advice but from those with profound knowledge on the subject?

  3. Holistic approach in recovery: Every patient is taught the relevance of fitness and learning other tasks to promote a sober life.

Repairing relationships

Entering the halls of this kind of neighborhood primarily means you still value yourself as an individual and you are thinking about reconstructing your once damaged family relations. Your kids are the most important possessions you have in your life and you cannot just afford to lose them.

What can be better than repairing what is left of you; cultivate the virtues that have remained in your heart and mind for you to go forward to reach your goals? Family is first priority and placing it on top of your agenda makes you see another perspective wherein legacy is written in bold letters. How do you want your children to remember you?

What lies ahead

The future of your family depends on you and how you handle your life. What is best is to inculcate into your mind that change is not far behind once you have decided to alter your ways in order to achieve a better life. What else can you leave your kids aside from money? It’s the thought of you who have worked so hard to become a transformed individual who have taken care of your brood.

Simple guidelines that can be in handy:

  1. Make it a point to converse with them every day. You would see how much you missed out while you’re at the facility.

  2. Make them understand that you have changed because you are thinking about their future.

  3. Touch your child’s hand whenever you talk to him. It will send a message to his brain that what you are saying comes from your heart.

  4. Pay attention to the changes in their way of thinking. They have grown, thus, they would have adapted some new behaviors.

  5. Guide them into becoming responsible individuals; this is one way of honing them into becoming good citizens.

Taking responsibility for your actions

Taking responsibility on what you have done is equivalent to admitting you made a mistake and that slip-up is a result of a wrong decision. So, before taking action, think about it a dozen times. Try to see how other people would perceive the kind of person you are and look at the consequences that may occur thereafter.

You have to remind yourself that you have been gullible in the past and that at this point you are cautious enough in dealing with almost anything at all. Erring is a human trait but there is no explanation when you err once too many. Committing the same mistakes over and over again is an un-called for attitude which you don’t want to retrieve.

Socializing as a therapy

Let alone, reformed addicts may spend a whole lot of time in solitude. This is not good at all unless you are thinking of buying a new house that requires you to decide for a week or even months. Go out and meet friends who can make your life more productive. Beware of meeting up with some old pals who have helped you get entangled with a vice. Chances are, you might get another taste of the substance and cling on to it once again!

Checking your log

There were several instances wherein reforming individuals forget to monitor their activities once outside transition homes. All of a sudden some of them found their way back to a sober living community as they never kept a record of their day-to-day activities. Certainly, logging everything can stress you out most especially when you play the role of a bread winner and a doting father to a motherless son.

What experts mean by logging details is to see how you fare in your new life. This record can make you feel some kind of satisfaction and can motivate you more in redirecting your life. Isn’t it amazing to look at how you have hurdled a difficult situation? Or how you have beaten your friends in a weekend marathon conducted by a local fitness center?

The best legacy

Who says that money means everything? Evidently, without it, who can survive? Money and properties can take care of your children with or without you around. However, time and guidance are essential factors which can transform a young person into an established and conscientious human being. The thought of being sane in heart and in mind can truly help your children lead successful lives in the future.