There are two fundamental truths about addiction that every addict needs to be keenly aware of, and knowing these truths can be a big step towards overcoming and defeating the addiction for good. First, it’s important to know that if addiction exists, lies do as well. Secondly, you can’t overcome addiction without honesty. These two things are never easy for an addict to hear and even harder for an addict to accept. Nevertheless, these truths are absolutely fact and are very much a key to turning a harmful addiction around and putting yourself well on the road to recovery. Today, we’ll have a look at both of these truths.

1. Lies and addiction go hand-in-hand

An addiction cannot exist without lies. No addict is going to proudly admit to friends and family that they drink like a fish, snort cocaine, or use some other drug. The fact is that you are absolutely going to lie, whether it’s about where you get them, how you pay for them, or simply covering up the consequences. In the end it’s the lying that can trap you within your own addiction. You lie about a great many things, and then you deal with the guilt of lying to the ones you love. You get to the point that you can no longer look at yourself in the mirror, and feeling bad about yourself only make you want to use even more.

2. Honesty can set you free

Remember that just as lies fuel an addiction, honesty can starve one out. It’s crucial to be fully and completely honest with everyone who supports your recovery, including your sponsors as well as your friends and family. That doesn’t mean you tell just anyone about your addiction or recovery. Some discretion is prudent as not everyone will want to know the ins and outs of your troubles. Still, for those close to you, telling the truth is a must. Being honest with them allows them to help you by providing accountability as well as love and support. Telling the truth is the first big step on the road towards addiction recovery. Every journey begins with a first step, and your recovery from addiction must begin with this one if you want to be successful, end your addiction and begin your new, drug-free life.