Sobriety is one of the most exciting things to experience. At the same time, sobriety teaches us a lot of things. Here are the 5 most important things you can learn from staying sober.

That The Present Is The Best Time To Live In
Sobriety is all about living in the present. For those who spent years being addicted, anger and resentment towards the past or a fear of the future was much more common than enjoying the present. When you stay in the present, you are at peace with yourself. Not only that but you can more easily forgive the past and look forward to the future instead of dreading it.

That Your Body Is Capable Of A Lot of Things (So Don’t Put It To Waste)
Sobriety teaches us the value of the human body. For those who are still getting used to sobriety, they might find that some things ache more or that they’re now capable of doing things that they weren’t able to do before. This is the best time to start taking up a sport or engage in activities like Yoga and Meditation in order to find peace in your body again. If those things don’t appeal to you, then simply indulging in the right food and drinks can positively impact your body.

That You Are In Full Control Of Your Life
For sober people, they might realize that nobody else is in control of their life. You are the captain of your own ship and you can steer it to whichever you so desire. If you’re starting to feel that you have no control of your life, inhale deeply and think about just one thing or one person you are grateful for.

That You Can Have Fun/Be Creative/Insert Whatever ‘Good’ Came Out Of Drinking, Etc.
For a lot of people, they associate mind-altering substances with the good times. The thing is that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Remember, if you think that sobriety is boring, think again! Only boring people are bored. The world is huge and there are so many things you can do while staying sober. If you think alcohol turned you into a better person, here’s a newsflash: your mind & body is better off without. The alcohol never made you witty or sociable, that was all you.

That You Are Enough
Some people think that alcohol and drugs turn them into happier persons with superpowers or at the very least, into people that other people will like and appreciate. Here’s the thing: you are enough. It’s never too late to delve into a new hobby, to have new friends, or to start anew. Whether you’re 18 or 58, remember that it’s all right to start again. It’s actually a privilege that not everybody has so the least you can do is to appreciate this new opportunity.