Almost everyone has a regret about something they did in the past. The difference lies in the amount of time such people spend dwelling on the matter. If you feel that you’ve wasted a part of your life on addiction, it will be hard coming to terms with the fact. Even after the considerable counseling offered in addiction rehab centers, you are still likely to think about your past on a regular basis.

However, unless you come to terms with your past, you will not find happiness, and neither will you be happy. The best option is to look for ways of making peace with yourself. If you do not, you will always risk your prospects of sober living in California.

Suggestions for making peace with your past

Deal with the guilt

Unless you handle your guilt, you will always be a captive of the emotion. The first step is to identify the things you did that make you guilty up to date. Once you find out what is eating you up, you need to address it. If you feel that you let your kids down, apologize to them, and it will ease your guilt.

Address the shame

Many people trying to adopt sober living after years of alcohol abuse are ashamed to be seen by their seemingly successful friends. However, you need to accept that your life is what it is and congratulate yourself for overcoming addiction. If any of your friends try to put you down, you ought to develop the self-confidence to tell them off.

Learn to put yourself first

A huge problem that affects many addiction recovery victims is that they continuously wonder what others will say about them. At the end of the day, you are the star in your life. You need to start thinking of your interests and ignore those that do not want to be part of your journey. Be big enough to admit that you got into addiction problems in the first place by trying to fit in.

Accept that life is not perfect

Although you may have made mistakes by drinking away a part of your life, you need to think of it as a lesson. Life is such that no one leads a perfect life, and you should not be the exception. Once you accept that, you can put your past behind you and walk confidently on towards the future.