Another glorious morning in sobriety!!  I NEVER thought I would look forward to waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting around with a bunch of guys doing something called “morning meditation”…HAHA!!!  Now, I actually look forward to starting my day this way.

I’ve gotten to know the guys in the house so well that it’s more like a band of brothers racing around the kitchen trying to get the first cup of coffee before we all tumble outside.  For those of us that smoke, (Yes, I’m one of them), we’re usually up on the rooftop deck before the others come up to start reading out of our Daily Reflections book.  It’s not really meditation that starts our day.  It’s more like reading a page from the Book of Life and then talking about it with the guys and our manager, Steve.  (Who ALWAYS has SOMETHING enlightening to say when he shares about how he came through Casa Nuevo Vida as a client before becoming a house manager..:-)  Steve’s real life experience has taught me A LOT!!

I like getting up on the deck early to watch the sun come up and check out the waves rolling in onto the beach.  Living right on the beach has been the BEST!!  There is nothing like the sound of the waves rolling in first thing in the morning to start your day on the right path.  You just can’t get closer to your Higher Power than that!!

Well, the guys are all waiting for me to close the laptop….so off I go to another day in the life of sobriety I now lead and LOOK FORWARD TO!!

Larry S.